Windshield wiper motors.

A while back there were discussions about wiper motors that was more than a 90 degree sweep. I think that the thread came to the conclusion that they are hard to come by.
My CAV came with a 90 degree sweep which just doesn't cut it. All you guys may have known about this already, but driving home tonight I was in back of a SUV and the rear window wiper was on and it had a 160 degree sweep. Then I looked at all the cars and vans and suvs that had rear window wipers and they all were 160 Degree sweeps. I bet you can get the motors at every car dealer in the world.
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Come on guys. Is this a good idea or not? How about some responce. I bet the braker yards are full of them also.
I think this is a good idea, But I had some problems with my particular installation because the motor physically didn't fit, and only had one speed. I think I tried a motor from a GMC Suburban. Also this was about 2 years ago so memory on that is a little gray. I ended up using a setup like the Lucas motor with the drive cable running thru tubing...I can look back and see where I got it, it was made here in the U.S., and the sweep was adjustable...a pretty solid unit. P.M. me if you need more info and I am sure I can find a company name/phone somewhere.

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If you could post info, I'm interested as well /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Tim and Joseph
The website is, The unit I have is a pretty solid piece, and it has a two speed motor. I believe the sweep is adjustable fom 90 to 160 deg. The company is here in the U.S....Georgia I believe. The beauty of this unit is that I was able to mount the motor about 40" away from the actual location of the blade, and also the small transmission that drives the blade only protrudes thru the body about 1 1/4" (the drive comes off from the side). I saw an original 40 with this setup mounted under the "bonnet" and it looked so simple and easy to install I just had to use it. I have used one of these units on an MG Midget with 3 wiper arms and it has no trouble swinging the arms. The kit doesen't come with wiper arms, but NAPA has them as a kit. Also if this helps I used GM washer nozzles from a GMC van...these mount right on the blade and work quite well.
Good Luck

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Sorry I have been out of pocket. The unit Phil mentioned appears to be very nice. If you want to hunt around you can get the Lucas unit out of an old Saab that works very nice and has a 160º sweep. It is just like the Lucas units in English cars (worm gear type cable and transmissions that bolt on standard single flare 5/16" brake tubing), but it has a knurled mount point for the wiper arm that a standard american arm will fit. I always miss remember the model of the Saab, but I am going to guess that it is a Saab 99.


PS do a search on Saab and you should find some of my old posts on this subject. Sometimes my posts show as **Do Not Delete** because of a software change a few years ago. But the posts are out there and I called the Saab a 900, 90, etc., but someone in one of the posts confirmed that it is the Saab 99 that has this 165º Lucas wiper system in it. BTW, I still have the drawings for implementing the autopark feature with two 3 pole switches or you can buy Lucas switches for around $50 for these.
I have just bought a lucas motor and all the bits that come with it.
It seems that where the spindle of the wheelbox pokes through the bodywork is designed for a level surface. It has a 45 degree angled spacer so the wiper spindle is parallel with the screen. The spider mount where the wiper pokes through on my 40 seems to be already parallel with the screen so I would presume you just have a normal collar with 90 degree ends. What do you guys do here - have a new spacer made up ?


I had a similar problem...a little time on the lathe and a few minutes on the buffer wheel produced a fine looking spacer out of stainless. I think even a small lathe could make this part easily. I used a plastic washer between the body and spacer and all looks good.
Good luck
I called SVC and they already supply normal style spacers in black plastic for the Lancia Stratos replicas so they just swapped mine over. I'm now looking for a wiper arm - I've seen them in Europa but they are finished in chrome and I want a black one. Anyone know who supplies them in the UK ? the problem is the spline fitting as most modern cars use a bolt on the end / outside.


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I found this a while ago, not sure if it will work on a GT40 but simple if it will since it doesn't have the crazy cable system like the lucas. Also have the black blade, but not sure it it will work. Has some adjustment in sweep angle as well.


BTW if you need a great air filter they carry the PIPER CROSS filter for a Holley which is hard to find in the states.

It's been a while but I was hoping to see if any of the installations mentioned in the post worked in a CAV/GTD/ERA/KVA?
I had the car out last weekend in what turned out to be a rainstorm and it's definitely time for a new wiper blade. It would also be nice if I could find a 160 degree wiper motor assembly. It also turns out that of all my accessories, by far the greatest current draw is the wiper motor.
Has anyone found success with an upgrade?
Pat, I purchased an eBay Marine 2 Speed Wiper with a 120 degree sweep.
Has Park feature for left or Right hand drive as well.
Easy istallation, just the motor with spindle.
Seems to be OK, sorry my car is not on the road yet so I can't comment on how effective it will be.