wing mirrors electric

After much searching I have elected to use bmw mini electric wing mirrors (7 wire) fitted to the doors .

On my loom I have some plugs (7 wire lt and 9 wire rt) that are pre made for the job

both sides have a permenant live and permenant earth and then 4 other wires linked between the doors .does any one have a diagram indicating the exact connections of these wires .(ie do any get envolved in any other circuits)

Any idea on a suitable master switch to allow top hat controll of mirrors with a rt or lt selector switch and a fold back switch for the mirrors.

Would this be the only devices needed to complete the circuits (on e bay I saw an actuator for the mini mirrors what is this?)
HUW RF have the switch to suit,contact not know about fold back! several cars in adelaide have them,they look fantastic. regards Geoff

Jim Dewar

Hi Hew, I used BMW Mini mirriors with a Saab 1994-1998 mirror control switch. It took a little sorting but does not require relays, etc. The wiring was very simple!!
Hi Huw,

I was told by R.L. the wiring harness's contains wiring for electric mirrors and central locking. I'd like to electrify my mirrors so I'll be interested to hear what you find out.

The mirrors are modified and the electrics are different, there's an additional door wiring harness for elec mirrors and central locking. If you need a set just PM or call, then it all simply plugs in, no changes to make at your end, nothing to figure out, the hard work has been done here.

Thanks for the recomendation Geoff, they do look good.

Regards Paul
Just to let you know the wing mirror wiring is relatively easy ,have totally done it from scratch not using the rf loom except for a supply perm live , ign live , illumination live and earth all grabbed from behind the dash .The other components envolved were a mirror switch from a bmw mini to give lt. or rt. mirror adjustment independantly, a landrover discovery electric mirror switch to allow fold back and fold out,and an ordinary illuminated rocker switch with a timer relay for the heated mirror option.

The only tricky bit was working out the illuminated discovery switch to work the fold back ,took several hours of thought then the penny dropped

If anyone needs wiring diag can reproduce it .
Huw, I have a pair of Mini mirrors in storage ready to fit when able. I have been worried about the wiring and would really apreciate a wiring diagram, at your convenience. Thanks in advance. ( I don't mind mechanical items, but when the smoke keeps escaping from the wires, that completely fools me!!)