wiring harness

Any typical hot-rod style harness will work. But make sure you get one with extra long wires. With the engine in the back, a 'standard' length harness may have a few short wires. Other than that, it's no different than wiring up a basic hot-rod.

I am converting my from Infinity to a normal wire harness while I've got my drive-train out this time around.
As everyone can tell Fran is having some difficuty in providing what he is selling can evryone let me know what other pieces are missing from their orders so I have an idea of what to look out for my GTR is suppose to be done the end of this month stay tuned

Steven Lobel

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As everyone can tell Fran is having some difficuty in providing what he is selling can evryone let me know what other pieces are missing from their orders so I have an idea of what to look out for my GTR is suppose to be done the end of this month stay tuned
That is it. I ordered new shifter, but have old one that came with car. Had a wrong drive shaft ship, he had that corrected quickly. Did not know it until 5 months after starting the build, just left them in the crate. Oh, and my wiper motor was on backorder at time of delivery, but that came a few weeks after.

I received my car in July 2017 as well. I'm in the same boat as you and waiting on the harness and their new shifter, so definitely understand where you're coming from. Like others have said, they were redesigning it for a cleaner install. I've inquired about it several times, but no status update or ET on it. The shifter sounds like it's finishing up though. I hope Larry is right! :)
So. Del your still waiting on the shifter and wiring harness for over a yr that is nuts ok thanks please make sure we get the word out to anyone else missing items and tell them to post please
The shifter was added later after it was announced and was put on the list then. But the harness has been over a year waiting, I'm hoping you're right and they're making/shipping them now
Kelly what kit are you building just curious maybe I asked you this already I know you are missing the wiring harness what. Else is on your list and did you pay your balance and Fran told you he would ship the parts as soon as they became available
Guys - we get it ... you’re upset about your kits being received incomplete and you really want your wiring kits.

Larry - you haven’t even received your car yet so you don’t even know what’s missing but you’re on here posting multiple times about the kit coming incomplete. Why not wait and see before getting all worked up?

Here’s my $0.02 on the wiring kit - forget it. Buy yourself something off the shelf from one of the several companies that makes wiring kits and proceed with your builds. It’ll set you back a few hundred but maybe when you eventually receive your wiring kits you can sell it and make some of that back. You’re going to be spending and replacing more than that easily by the time you’re finished. If the wiring is causing you to stop in your tracks and you can’t peocees you’re crazy to sit here and stew, your time is way more valuable than a wiring kit.

A few comments from me whether you want them or not -

Kits being sent incomplete isn’t much of a surprise. If you’d done your due diligence you would know it’s the rule, not the exception. RCR tries to deliver them as complete as possible but certain items aren’t available when the bulk of the car is - would you rather they hold onto your car until the wiper motor became available, or just send it out to you?

I can’t speak to RCR’s business situation but certain items don’t make sense to stock heavily due to cost, availability, whatever. So when a surge happens (such as movie cars), RCR may need to re-prioritize. I’m sure the profit margin is much higher on these cars than on our kits and I personally can’t hold them at fault for shifting their focus. Working on these projects means an injection of capital, exposure, and potential future business - all good things for continued growth and prosperity for the company. Buying one of these cars is buying into a long term relationship with the vendor, anything that improves their position is better for all of us long term.

That said, coming on here and repeatedly posting that you’re upset because your kit is (or will be) incomplete isn’t doing much to foster a healthy relationship. Believe me, you want to be on good terms with RCR in case you mess up like I’ve done. They’ve bailed me out on several occasions due to me screwing up, can’t say enough about how they’ve treated me - then again I haven’t been blasting them on open forums either.

I don’t know how other kit car companies ship - whether they wait until they’re 100% complete or if they ship partials (I believe I’ve read on a few occasions GTM guys waiting for stuff). I’d bet that they ship incomplete if the bulk of the vehicle was ready, as RCR does. It’s maybe too late for the guys who’ve received their cars already, but for those who haven’t - if you’re really upset about how you’re being treated maybe consider selling your car to someone who doesn’t want to wait as long for a kit and consider going with another vendor. As I said, you have to think about the long term relationship as an important factor in how much you enjoy building and driving your project.


GT40s Supporter
GT40s Supporter
I totally agree with Cam. I have screwed up a couple of times and had to call RCR for parts, every time I’ve been met with 100% support.
Last thing was a condenser, I was clumsy enough to put a drill through it, RCR sent me one for free despite I more or less demanded to pay for it.
If some parts is on back order, I’m convinced that RCR have big problems themselves to source them, NOT to piss their customers off.
Cam i am not trying to be a JO here I am just trying to figure out what I may be missing once my kit arrives trying to be pro active in your build isn't a bad thing and as far as RCR and Fran I would have never gone down this road if I didn't think first the quality of the build was there and it is, 2nd if I didn't think the support was there, and third because I talked to Fran before I purchased the kit and he was nothing but professional and knowledgable. Cam I am 56 yrs old I have been building cars from 15 yrs old you learn a lot in 41 yrs so this is not an attack on RCR or Fran it's doing your homework
Cam is on point. It honestly doesn't bother me waiting, like you said it's expected. I do think it'll be worth the wait for the wiring harness as it should make for a cleaner install overall.
I ordered my car in January 2017 and have not seen the harness yet. One of the strong selling points of the car was the infinity harness being mostly plug and play. Most home builders are not fond of wiring a car. The other point is that Fran was unwilling to give me credit toward purchasing an alternative solution. It is impractical for me to stop the build and wait an indefinite amount of time for an alternative harness to arrive. One that was announced months ago. RCR has been responsive to correcting problems with items shipped incorrectly or missing altogether. However, it is difficult to build the car without a suitable harness.
Guys nobody is bad mouthing Fran or RCR here this is just collecting some information to see if we can help each other that is what the Forum is all about. I am checking in with Infinity to see if there is an avenue for us to buy the harness direct from them and what it will take to get it done.
All I just got off the phone with Jay Harris the president of the Infinity Box System and he will sell the standard 20 circuit system to anyone who needs a harness, I believe Allan is still using this system in his cars.
Jay Harris, President
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I would call Jay and ask I didn't ask but it could be expensive 1500.00 depending on what comes in the kit I would just look it up on the net under Infinity Wiring Harness Can