Wiscombe Park 26/27 July


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Thanks to the guys who have posted details about the other events whilst I have been distracted moving house. Not something you want to do everyday! Anyway I am back at work reading the forum again.

This weekend we all go to Wiscombe Park on the south coast of Devon for a two day event which forms part of the National Hill Climb Championship. This means the really fast single seaters will be there and therefore a worthwhile day out for spectators and not just 40 lovers.

Hopefull Julian, Ron and Stuart will come and visit us again in the paddock?

All the usual suspects will be there but hopefully no broken gearboxes, scraped undercarriages or denting embankments this year.

Personally I am a bit worried as I am not in my 40 but Wendy's Lotus 51, the first time I have used it in competition where there are corners. However this will allow me the opportunity to watch the 40s go and to help film them for the clubs 2004 dvd/video.

Do come and watch if you can


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Hi Malcom, Glad to see the house move is complete and look forward to you coming out to play at wiscombe albiet in the lotus 51 i am sure we will all have fun /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

regard Dave