You know you are a GT40 Nut when...

I spent last week on th Gold Coast. One night I went out for ice cream with my son and spotted an immaculately presented DRB in Gulf colors parked on the street. The unexpected joy of this sighting left me quite literally unable to sleep. I had to get up at about 1Am to go for a jog. My wife didn't laughed her arse off when I told her why I couldn't sleep. She knows the obsession.

I then spent the rest of the week going back for ice cream on the off chance it would be there again. Having missed the DRB BBQ the previous week I was bloody chuffed to have had a sighting.

At least you don't have to worry about a cure for this. There isn't one. Your wife sounds very understanding. What penalty are you paying for all this understanding, eh??

No penalty - She knew I was bonkers when she married me. She also knew of the GT40 obsession back then so she just rolls her eyes now. We actually made an agreement to buy one on the third birthday of my second child. She is now 5 months old so the days are counting. That said, I was very close to buying a partially built RF off ebay recently. My kids are too small right now to find the time to finish it though so I will just have to keep waiting.

Can we keep this going? Like, You know you are a GT40 Nut when... you still have a Dan Gurney for President bumper sticker on your car. Or feel that riding in a Corvette is way too high off the ground. Any others?
Actually I like my reasoning on why my wife understands. I basically traded agreement to having a second child for buying a GT40. As for shooter I just sent him an email telling him that on my recent visit I was going to come to your workplace to visit. Not him though. To visit your GT40. Ha ha.



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when you take the time to train the wifey all about the GT40 and what it means to you so she gets it right telling her friends. ha!


Bill Hara

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I took delivery of my pile of bits 2 days after returning from the honeymoon. I did tell her that the honeymoon was over at that point.....

Peter Delaney

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... you manage to put together the following arguments to the other half :

- It gives me a sense of accomplishment

- You know where I'll be - in the garage, not at the pub or the golf club

- You can check the above by simply following the trail of expletives from the garage

- You can look forward to a happy husband when its done (do not mention a time frame here)

The above are good starters, but whether they will see you over the line without divorce lawyers is another matter !!

Kind Regards,

Peter D.
When you justify building one by stating that if she helps, she'll learn enough
about how cars work to avoid being shafted by the shop the next time she
takes her car in :)

At least I hope it works that way ...

Ian see a new porsche and think ---oh, nice, but it is to high and to heavy to ride fast, the gt-40 is better--

... your friend comes with an new mercedes and you ask him ---what must you pay for a service by mercedes, what?? much??... and in five jears??.. what do you get for it??---

... a ferarri cross the street and you think ----ferarri?? i see the 4th this week, but i dont see a gt-40---

... you are costumer from exoto and you had some modellcars standing in you office.

... you think about cars and the first you think is gt-40

... you speak about cars and the only you want to speak is gt-40

... you paint on orange bike and you think ----this is not the right gulf-color--

... you looks every day in Ebay, if someone is selling an gt-40. read every day some threats in this forum about a new building from an gt-40 (this is a little sadomaso)

and so on.....

kind regards from austria

still waiting for a chance to build this dream

just ernst