You Never Know

I just spoke with a nice English gentleman about making door windows for his Manta Mirage kit car (1970s). His name is Ken Wallis and as we were finishing our conversation he mentioned that he was the designer of the 1967 STP turbine-powered Indy car driven by Parnelli Jones. He is writing a book about the car, which was leading the race with three laps to go when it lost a bearing and thus the race. Most of the fun of making plexi pieces for people is running into someone like Ken and learning of his piece of racing history.

At a car show I met the brother of Mastin Gregory who drove one of the first three Ford GT prototypes for Shelby, who described him as one of the fastest drivers he ever worked with. He told me about crewing for his brother and Phil Hill.

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Masten Gregory,

"The Kansas City Flash"

He was a very fast driver, from the early 50s to the early 70s, Jim Clark said Mr Gregory was his hero.

He won Le Mans in 1965 with Jochen Rindt (another very fast guy), driving a 250LM, but only after all the GT40s dropped out.