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Re: ZF Gearbox Fiasco / Lawsuit vs. GT40s.com

Folks, this thread is past being constructive and will be closed for general comments. There isn't anything going on here but time wasting. If there are any new developments I hear of from Tom and/or Pete about the situation, I'll post them here. Pete, you have violated forum rules with the posting of a nude woman to your profile. Your account will be locked.

Re: Pete Schomer Gearbox Fraud - Beware

The situation here is that Pete Schomer is now threatening to sue the forum (for the second time actually) over this thread and the appearance of his name on this forum. He states that "Your site and threads by all members will be drawn into a law suite.." Jeff Young has offered to handle the lawsuit, much thanks to him, however it has already taken his time and mine to deal with the constant barrage of emails from Pete.

Anyhow, I'll keep the membership informed about how the lawsuit progresses and the outcome. If we need to start a defense fund I'll put out the word. In the meantime, please keep the thread on point and post only factual information.

Dont loose sleep over any of this Ron, you wont be short of support be it financial or otherwise from either side of the pond.

The " Swallow Sidecar Company" became JAGUAR!!!!! Do a little Google....so Pete claims to "own" Jag?!?!?!

Oh, dear God! Someone please post on Pistonheads with his history of scams!

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Car Mag Reviews - Historic Racing Drivers Magazine (Deceased)

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As the cop said in "The Blues Brothers", "This guy is like a rash, showing up all over!"
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Ron Earp

I wonder if some Canadians local to him could sit down and have a chat with him? It is a damn shame to see his scams repeatedly emerge knowing full well there is little that can legally be done to suppress them.

Charlie Farley

I'm not a Twitter or Facebook member, but wouldn't a good route be to use the various links above to post scathing allegations?
Of course, i suggest the inclusion of the word ' allegedly '....

Ron Earp

Just got a PM from a forum member that knew Pete Schomer when he was in Vancouver. The fellow indicates Pete was involved in shady business back in the 90s and was even jailed in Florida on something to do with motor vehicle fraud.

Apparently some discussion of Pete came up on another forum but the forum pulled the posts under threat from Pete. That's how Pete keeps things on the downlow, but threatening those that learn about his ways.

Someone with some skills in background checking should investigate this fellow and post what they find here. Seems that jail time should be public information.
Dear miuraman,

Hi Tom, do you know if these wheels are the correct offset for an AC Aceca? I cannot find the number 3077 in the Borrani catalog.
Thanks, ••••••• Vancouver

Ps Peter Schomer went to jail in Florida for automotive related fraud in the early nineties...

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Borrani set of 4 wire wheels RW3077
Item Id: 321336544568
End time: Apr-28-14 16:14:52 PDT
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"100.0% Positive Feedback"

What's wrong with this picture?????

eBay feedback in NOT an indication of honest and fair. They hide a LOT of bad JuJu to keep the masses buying.

Sadly, scum get away with this shite, the stand-up guy who makes a mistake gets hammered!!!
I don't understand.

I think "Miuraman" from ebay located in Oceanside, Calif is Tom S. here. Looks like he's selling some nice original borrani's, 16X5 inches. Kind of skinny for a GT40....might work well for an early ferrari or maserati though.

Tom, I have a place in Oceanside too....just off Old Grove.

Jim Rosenthal

Nah, none of that is true. It's just more jealous mean folks trying to make a hardworking used car salesman look bad.


If you view that page in its entirety, there's also an item about a woman that died when she was ejected from her truck in an accident. Sounds like the wrong person died, to me.
Gee, I think I am starting to see a pattern in Pete's dealings......Do leopards change their spots?

How is it that a bad actor like Pete goes on and on while the honest guy who makes one mistake burns at the stake?

Jim Rosenthal

Well, maybe with some luck he'll be found floating face down in a pond somewhere, along with the rest of the pond scum.

I just hope we all have alibis. LOL