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    First Drive

    Does that mean the Koso unit doesn't include any protection against over-voltage?
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    Allan's GT-R First start

    In the same post (#32) Allan clearly states his seat is raised about 6"
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    Allan's GT-R First start

    :thumbsup: Been watching to see your progress on this, and here it's almost finished already ... totally bitchin', Allan!
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    Wow, Bill! What an incredible gift
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    SLC at Mecum

    I'd suspect Bespoke is an appropriate term for these vehicles? The antonym would be mass-produced which these most certainly are not. All you fine gentlemen with bespoke supercars :thumbsup:
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    Track-oriented Ford Coyote Powered SLC Walk Around

    Very nice! Would you mind doing a verbal "walk-around" of your motor, please? Seems like a fine match for the graziano and that injection system sounds interesting. Any internal mods or head-work that you can share? Redline would be of interest due the (V8) graz gearing. Thanks in advance
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    SLC weight - heavy?

    I'd *really* like to know approximately how much heavier (or perhaps lighter) an equivalently spec'd GT-R would be ;)
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    SLC Infotainment Option

    Good one Scott; combining that with something like a Dragonfly DAC would be a great solution for phone/tablet audio
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    SLC Infotainment Option

    FWIW: seems to me the regular head-unit is going the way of the dinosaur ... why would anyone want a poor replica of a smart-phone or tablet, with limited upgrade path, stuffed into a dashboard? Instead, it would seem more effective to install a decent DAC+amp+speakers and call it done. I...
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    Scotts build thread

    Perhaps rotate the basic headlamp-triangle 180 degrees as a replacement opening -- might balance out nicely?
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    Scotts build thread

    Might be a bit of nostalgia on my part, but these pics have a touch of the "Donald Campbell" about them ... those glory days of the fastest car/driver on the planet? Something between that and a Batmobile :thumbsup: Nice work, Scott
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    Scotts build thread

    Awesome work, Scott You noted difficulty in retaining the existing profile whilst clearing the intake, so how about eliding the polycarbonate cover instead? Perhaps leave it open, like the blowers on many front-mount motors, or does the interference extend to more than just that rear-window...
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    Options, Upgrades and Add-ons

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    SLC 001 Build

    yes, the handle dropped out of the way after being loaded. To disengage you'd lift and apply pressure, whilst depressing the tip-latch. Mesa: would you be willing to show your car to a neighbor? I probably live within 3 miles of you and would truly love to view your build before embarking upon...
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    SLC 001 Build

    I had a 90's corvette with the mechanism you describe.