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    Modifying a Porsche G50 Transaxle

    Erik, So my Patrick Motorsports built G50/52 should stand up against my 351 which generates 506 hp at 6700 rpm and 481 lb-ft at 4200 rpm? It has spray bars and an external pump. How to do you set up the drain plug and determine the fill when they are inverted? Thanks!
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    Top 10 Reasons I can't work on my GT40

    Got the Cobra inspected for the year today. Is always a relief ;>) My top 10 reasons my GT40 isn't making more progress: 10) Too many hobbies 9) Getting ready for hunting season (oops ... that's the too hobbies thing) 8) Have to finish knives for paying customers (oops ... that's...
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    Inverted G50/52 Vent

    Guys, How did/would you fabricate a vent to go in the drain plug of an inverted G50/52? I'd love some ideas that incorporate an inlet for cooled pumped transaxle oil. Thanks!
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    A drive with my 40 on Sunday

    YES!!!!! Love it ... and the sound is wonderful!!! Can you down load a movie from UTube? Thanks for posting it.
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    Anyone recognize this chassis...?

    Has some in common with the Sabre, but does not appear to be one ... based on the three chassis I've seen including mine.
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    Information Query ... clip mnt thread diameter

    Guys, It is my understanding that the RF GT40 uses a "T" shaped adustable mount on each side for the rear clip. It has threaded rod section horizontally and vertically to provide the adjustment of clip location. Can someone please tell me the approximate diameter of these threaded rods...
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    Rear Clip Mounting

    Guys, I have Sabre 6210. The only significant nasty on the Sabre is the rather poor way the rear clip is attached. Is a rinky-dink arrangement that has no adjustability at all. You either get the holes drilled for the pivots in the clip in exactly the right place or ... I am thinking...
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    Front Dress - What a mess!

    Had to make mine Ron, I'm using the short pump. Because the engine is built on a race block it has an external oil pump and uses serpentine (flat) belts. Guess where that left me ... absolutely nothing could be bought. So I made the entire front end setup. Bought 7075 plate and bar on...
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    DZUS Fob's Available

    Didn't have notes section Ron, Very nice thought! Sent the donation. PayPal did not provide a comments space. I'd like #3s. Thanks,
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    OK Everyone, What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I got sort of an odd present ... the several year loan of a gaming system. My youngest son will be in Europe and is not taking it with him. It is a PS2 with a pair of GameRacer seats, logitec wheels and pedal sets. The visual is provided by an InFocus projector. Sound by high-end Sony 5.1...
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    Betty's first real date.

    Re: Betty\'s first real date. Thanks for the great report! I could sure use a lot more of this sort of thing ... keeps me going on my very slow build.
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    Estimating RWHP from FWPH?

    rbrunckhorst, What transaxle are you employing in the GT40? Thanks,
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    Porsche GT3 vs GT40

    Very cool toys!!!!!
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    P4 in Red

    Jim, I really appreciated the pic of the car in Danbury. I spent many a day there working for Union Carbide before Dow bought and dismembered the place. Drove that stretch of road many, many times. Brought back lots of memories and gave me a few daydreams too. As I've said before, it is...
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    Centerline of G50/52???

    The construction of the half shafts is not the issue. They have lots of slip joint movement possible. The issue really is how does one locate the center line of the transaxle ... and are the drive flanges symmetrical about the centerline. (At first measurement, it appears that the engine...