1. J

    not sure of correct forum to ask

    in my previous post I asked about some XE small block parts. I am trying to help an estate ID and value some items. the next piece is not a gt-40 but it is a mid engine small block ford powered racecar. tube chasis, 4spd top loader trans axle fiberglass body labeled Sutter. right now i need some...
  2. D

    Electric Question

    I want to put an Battery isolater switch so I can cut off anything coming from the battery when the car is not used. I have had some conflicting advice, some say it should be on the red/power cable, other say it should be the Earth. What does the collective think please. Don.
  3. brettmcc

    Reservoir Hose UK/IVA

    Advice appreciated chaps, does the below meet specification? 20140624_194224 by Brett, on Flickr
  4. H

    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    Hi guys, I am in need for advice to find a distributor that fits under the fuel rails of the TWM/Borla 8-stack system. I ordered a MSD 8479 with the belief that it would fit but it did not. I do not want do any more mistakes again so send the question to you guys as I know that some of you...
  5. M

    New Member to the Forum!

    Hello there, My name is Michele Abbate and I'm a 3x winning road racing champion and I work at Supercar System here in Las Vegas, NV. I've joined the GT40s forums in efforts to share some exciting news from my employer regarding our custom, patented, transverse, transaxle, sequential gearbox...
  6. O

    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    G’day All. I’m now seriously thinking of going with an LS3 into #97. I know it’s sacrilege, so keep the responses kind please.:thumbsup: Just after advice from the few that may have already done so in a DRB and any suggestions they can offer. I will no doubt have many questions in future with...
  7. M

    Dash and Plenum

    I was looking at things, had imagined that the plenum would attach to the dash support and then the dashboard slip over that. Tried that with everything loose and was having fit problems (dash would not go over plenum and fit below spider). All could be solved if the spider was off and then...
  8. V

    how to remove inner trans axle hub on zf trans

    Trying to re install axle with new boots and need advice on easiest way to install it. I have full axle assembly out I just cant put it back in without the bearings falling out... advice would be appreciated.
  9. K

    Oh no! John Surtees!

    As some people here might know, I worked for the Surtees family back in the '60's mainly with brother Norman but occasionally with the 'big' man himself during the Honda S800 sports car franchise. Other people will put it far more eloquently than me but he didn't get the title 'gentleman' for...