1. E

    hydraulic clutch release with southern gt quaife setup

    hi everyone just after some advice i would ideally like to run a Hydraulic Release Bearing with my quaife gearbox im running the southern gt bell-housing with the ap racing single plate clutch i have found kit for the zf gearbox from compitition supplies (...
  2. G

    Front bearing adjustment

    Hi, I'm in the process of running-in my SPF MKII, with only 330 miles on the clock so far. I've noticed a sensation of "looseness" from the front of the car, and some new mechanical noises in time with wheel rotation, particularly on applying steering lock at low speed. On axle stands, there...
  3. JBurer

    FS USA V10 Graziano gearbox and release bearing

    I have a spare V10 Graziano from a Lamborghini Gallardo and a release bearing that will work with both the V8 Audi and V10 gearboxes. Both are brand new. Gearbox is $12,000 and the release bearing is $1,000. Please email at [email protected] if interested! Thanks! John
  4. Kim Haun

    New/Old RCR Build...

    Hello! My first post seeking guidance from you all here on I'm building a RCR GT 40 that's been in mothballs for about 10 years. It came with some great components but there are some I have yet to get as well. One of the things I'm working on right now is the engine and transaxle...
  5. K


    needing tork specs graziano ls 3 flywheel clutch and throw out bearing
  6. M

    SPF front upright lower bearings

    Greetings from Hampshire. Last MoT test showed up play (looked vertical) in the lower bearing on the driver side front upright on my SPF GT40 Mk1. Anyone have any idea/experience of what I’ll find when I get the time to pull it apart? Is there adjustment or will I be looking to source a new...
  7. F

    Wheel Bearing Noise

    Took the Lola out for a spin and heard a very bad sound when moving. I determined it was coming from the right front wheel. A dry, metallic clicking/squeaking grinding sound that has no place in a Lola. Took apart, inspected the bearing (P/N 513019) and could find nothing unusual; rotated with...
  8. Silver66fb

    Explain This Clutch/Transaxle Behavior

    Gents, I have an SPF40 Mark II, with Roush 427SR, Quaife transaxle. I'm using the Quartermaster release bearing (721100 model), from Olthoff. When I really get on the accelerator and while the rpms are relatively high, I have trouble getting the car out of gear with the clutch pedal all the...
  9. P

    Audi 016 help please

    I have a 016 in my KVA, just lost 1st gear and after disassembling found that the rear bearing on the pinion output shaft punched through the back of the case?... I caught this immediatly and it doesnt appear that there is any other damage to the internals. Question is, can/should I attempt...
  10. R

    RHD Shift Linkage

    LHD Shift Linkage I posted this in the "Original GT40s" area but I might have better luck here with other SPF owners. Does anyone out there have pictures of their RHD shift linkage out of the car. How did SPF solve these problem? What does the spherical bearing look like installed in an SPF...
  11. D

    Mustang clutch and Un1

    Hello I'm sure this will have been covered in here but I can't find what I'm looking for. So here is my problem as my mustang clutch starts to wear, the room within the Cole bel housing is reducing to the point that the trust bearing is pinned against the back wall of the bel housing. The...
  12. K

    WTB 016 clutch release arm

    Hi guys on the hunt for an Audi 016 clutch release arm to go in the bell housing. release bearing carrier as wont go astray. any leads appreciated cheers John
  13. F

    Wheel Bearing Adjustment Tool

    I have a wheel bearing adjustment tool laying around my garage but no SPF to use it on... would be happy to get it to someone that could use it. It is new and never used. If interested just cover shipping and I will send it to you. Thanks Kevin
  14. RichardH

    Rear wheel bearings...

    have a bit of a clonk at the os rear and think it might be rear wheel bearings ( it seems to be speed and wheel rotation related). I have started to take the rear upright off the car and have come to a stop. Below are pics..... I have slackened off the top and bottom upright fixings, removed...
  15. christian.39

    FS USA Original Shafer Bearings

    I have one complete set of Shafer bearings for MKI suspension. MKII is the same, but does not use the bearing for the rear upper control arms. We paid Shafer to do a small production run, and this is the last set. Brand new, in the boxes. $2500