SPF front upright lower bearings

Greetings from Hampshire. Last MoT test showed up play (looked vertical) in the lower bearing on the driver side front upright on my SPF GT40 Mk1. Anyone have any idea/experience of what I’ll find when I get the time to pull it apart? Is there adjustment or will I be looking to source a new bearing? Are they easily available? Thanks in advance.
The steel ball rides between 2 nylon cups. You might try just tightening the nut at the bottom of the A arm. Also check the nut in the upright that retains the ball. If this doesn't solve things you need this to replace the nylon cups:
Ball Joint Kit, Front, (GT-40)

When replacing the cups you need to remove the ball from the upright.
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Thank you, Dave. That gives me confidence to take it all apart over the winter lay up. Sooner, rather than later so that I can get hold of the replacement parts if needed. I appreciate your very quick reply.

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