1. S

    Looking for a GTD cable change

    Has anyone got a complete GTD cable change setup they would like to part with? Thanks Simon
  2. Callaghan

    Throttle cable length

    Stock Superformance throttle cable length is 121" Sleeve length with threaded ends is 104" Peddle box end is a clovis type cable is 1/16" thick I looked everywhere for these measurements and couldn't find them so here they are for posterity... Don't be stupid like me and keep...
  3. D

    Electric Question

    I want to put an Battery isolater switch so I can cut off anything coming from the battery when the car is not used. I have had some conflicting advice, some say it should be on the red/power cable, other say it should be the Earth. What does the collective think please. Don.
  4. M

    Rear cable routing

    So similar to the seat question, looking for thought on cable routing in the same area. For the wires going from dash to rear, I have two one inch bundles to get through to the rear. I did cut the front of the seat on the inside, so they fit by there along the spine. Then it seems best to run...
  5. C

    FS USA Bonnet Latch Assembly

    Hood or Bonnet Latch Assembly. New, never used. $50, plus CONUS shipping from Colorado Info These trunk or hood latch assemblies allow you to use an OEM-type assembly on your car. Most people would mount the female latch in the body and the male pin on the trunk or hood. Male pin can be...
  6. M

    Cable install question

    I think there is something I am missing. I am trying to install the heater flap cable in the picture in the dash. It has to be connected to the heater first and the heater installed b then the dash can be installed and then the cable. I expected to drill a hole in the dash and remove the Knox...
  7. L

    cable shifter sacc restoration

    has anyone any experience with this company or their cable shifter setup for a gt40 1200.00 out the door trans adapter, cable and shifter for an ERA car zftrans lloyd
  8. P

    Cable connections on the UN1 gearbox

    People, I have just fitted a new UN1-013 box to my GTD, and am wondering if anyone has any guidelines on setting up the cable connections, please? I have found some very brief setup instructions for the Lotus, but frankly they are not much help, other than to infer that the setup is rather...
  9. R

    Weber Throttle Linkage

    Gents, I am about to go from a single 4 barrel to 48 IDFs. I would like to see any pictures of your set-ups and more specifically any bell crank arrangements. My current cable runs straight down the passenger side of the current set up. I am hoping I do not have to change my cable, so the...
  10. D

    GTD throttle cable re-routing

    Hi all, I'd like to re-route the throttle cable on my car so that it comes over the front of the engine to the carb. Currently the cable runs down the right hand sill and up near the exhaust system to the carb. I'm hoping in doing this that I'll have a smoother action from a shorter cable and...
  11. G

    CNC Performance Parts cable shift for ZF/RBT trans

    Anyone have any experience with the GT40 or Pantera versions? They look like some nice parts. ZF cable shift adapter: ZF Cable Shifter Adapter | CNC Performance Parts GT40 shifter: GT40 Shifter | CNC Performance Parts
  12. S

    Shifting for Audi transaxle (01e/01X/etc)

    I've just joined the forum. I don't have a GT40, but I am building a Spire GTR for road use and found this site via google searches. I'm trying to make it as LoCost as reasonably possible. I'm looking to use an Audi transaxle but there's obviously going to be an engine in the way between the...