Shifting for Audi transaxle (01e/01X/etc)

I've just joined the forum. I don't have a GT40, but I am building a Spire GTR for road use and found this site via google searches. I'm trying to make it as LoCost as reasonably possible.

I'm looking to use an Audi transaxle but there's obviously going to be an engine in the way between the gear lever and the gearbox, so I would think that a cable shift conversion is the way to go.

I've found the solution on offer from Cable Shift in Arizona, but at $679 + shipping + import taxes, it's not exactly a LoCost option. Can anyone give me any advice on what they have done?

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The cable shift system does not work with a 01X/01E, it is for the Audi5000/016.

I know this because I have one and have had to modify it. It is is not pretty what I have done, but it works. There are other ways to do it. If I had my time again...

Get a Focus ST170 shifter to modify (I have one if I ever re-design)
Then you need to create your leverage at the gearbox end. Have a look at my build log to see what I have done so far. There's also some people with neat 01E solutions too

Where are you in the UK Stuart?

Hi Stuart, Cable Shift in Phoenix Az now do a unit for the O1E. I had the earlier unit originally but could not get 5/6 gears. Anyhow RCR and Cable Shift came to the rescue and we did a deal to swop it out many years after the original unit was supplied. 4th is good for 148mph so not a big issue initially!
Roger Allen
I made my own shifter and mechanism at the gearbox for cable shifter 01e.
It worked perfect straight away.
I just had cables made to suit.

Between working designing /manufacturing and fitting it would have been 40 hours in it.

You will need a lathe and a welder, I can take a photo of it tomorrow as the car is at work presently.

Sorry about the hand sketch.
Disk 2 is welded to the shaft.
The end off the shaft has an m8 thread.disk 1 is bolted on and shimmed to give almost zero free play on the bearings attached to the bell crank forks.

Disk 2 actually has the the cable lever attached not 1 as in in the drawing.

I made it all out of 316 ss.



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Thanks everyone for your replies!

I will be using a 6 speed 01X gearbox, code MPA from a Seat Exeo. It is a long geared diesel box, but the Spire has small wheels, so this will give about 10mph/100rpm in second, and a long legged 6th which will give 70mph at about 2000rpm. ( I am based in Cambridgeshire - I anticipate driving along the A11 to Snetterton when it's all done, so a 70 mph cruising gear will be appreciated...)

Learning how to weld and buying a lathe weren't originally on my "to do" list, so I will give the companies mentioned a call to see what they can offer. A good engineering solution for a few hundred pounds is worth it, but if it's heading towards a thousand pounds then I'm off to learn how to weld...

Next I need to work out what engine. As the car only weighs 400kg without the engine/trans, it's won't need huge power to go fast. I was toying with the idea of a Ford Ecoboost 2.0, but it could be expensive to marry it up to the Audi box, so perhaps a 2.0TFSI? (Everyone says 1.8T, but from what I can make out the main thing it has going for it is that I can be tuned to big power, but apart from that it's a thirsty, heavy, iron lump).

I have some phone calls to make in the morning...

Thanks again,
In reality it depends how your setup is. A lot of the UK people have to create because of the shifter being on the right in RHD car and the selector shaft is on the left of the box.

I too have a 01X, but mine came from an Audi. I'm only just down the road-ish at J30 of the M25 if you want to come and have a look.

The 01e shifter is on the left as well.
The shaft you can bring it out on the R/H side.
16mm ss rod, I remade the housing on the left side.

Again lathe required.
If its on the L/H side all the more reason to run cables.