Cable connections on the UN1 gearbox


I have just fitted a new UN1-013 box to my GTD, and am wondering if anyone has any guidelines on setting up the cable connections, please? I have found some very brief setup instructions for the Lotus, but frankly they are not much help, other than to infer that the setup is rather critical.


Well, this is unusual - over 70 people have read this post, but no one has an opinion on the matter! I think I am just going to have to go down the empirical route, which may (or may not) be satisfactory. We shall see... The replacement box came from Chris Cole incidentally, with some interesting adventures on the way.


Ian Anderson

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No idea on the cables but for the rod shifter

Set gearbox in neutral
Set gear lever in center of neutral, in line with 3 and 4 movement

Connect like with both in that position
Check you can get reverse and fifth as they are polar opposites for movement

Should be set to go.

I presume similar for the cable shifting

Thanks for that, Ian.

Whatever, after a careful session today, the empirical approach has succeeded, and extremely well. The final element of the test was not just to get all gears, but be able to doubel-de-clutch into 1st from 2nd. Smooth as silk! Half the problem on my car can be traced back to the previous owner, who really left the change mech like something of a dogs dinner.

Absolutely correct - use neutral as the reference plane. I located the gear stick centrally in the gate in the 3/4 plane (its biased there, of course), and adjusted the cables to locate 'without preload' (to quote the instructions for the Lotus mech). The next problem was ensuring that the polar opposites (as you say, Ian) fall within the extremities of the gate. You can do this by careful variation in the length of the translation control rod.

Its a bit difficult to describe in text, but at the very least for my own future benefit (because I will completely forget how I solved this problem within a couple of days!), I shall be writing the process up with diagrams etc. Just shout if anybody want these notes when I finish them.


Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Hi Peter, what Ian said, mine is rod change, but I was considering change to cable. esp since my rear bush is disintegrating. I will be interested to hear how you get on and what your comparison is if you had rod change before.
Hopefully no issues for next week!
mmm double de-clutch 2nd to first, you must be going for it at the hairpin!?
Spot on, Dave! Now I have a higher final drive, I suspect 1st will be the gear of choice on that last bend. Just a shame I don't have an LSD. See you on Sunday!