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    2005 GT40 Chassis Drawings

    Hi Members,, I am looking for help or asking for it... I would like to scratch build a GT40 2005. Looking for Chassis drawings that any one may have to share or sell. Any help would be great. [email protected] thanks
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    Urgent Help

    Hello to all of you. I hope you'll all excuse this unusual post and understand why I am making it. As a consequence of my Cousins tragic illness (Alzheimer's) , I find myself the custodian of DAX replica chassis No1 GT40 replica. I have no idea if this has any great value or not. There is...
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    New Member - Hello from an American in Dalian, China

    Hi, My name is Paul. I do not own a GT40 but after seeing a video about the cars and an episode on British TV about the GT40 I was curious about the construction, because in a few of the pictures it appeared that the sub-structure or chassis structure was predominantly monocoque. I am at the...
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    Race / Street Lola T70 replica *SOLD*

    Just listed my race prepared Lola T70 replica. It is also streetable with minor mods with parts I have - e.g. turn signals, softer springs, Georgia Tag, etc. Also have some spares I'll separate if not sold with car. Thanks and welcome discussion on history, condition, and riding very...
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    GT40 Chassis Drawings and data

    Hi, I have available drawings, data and build manuals for the GT40 MkI/II chassis. Visit Untitled Document for more info regards Mike.
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    Bellhousing to chassis clearance

    Hi, I have just fitted my gearbox and engine assembly in to the car and found that the bellhousing is touching the chassis before the tail of the gearbox is low enough to bolt to the mounting brackets. I know i will need to remove some material from the underside of the bellhousing to get the...
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    Tornado carbonfibre chassis

    Hi guys, does anybody had any experience with driving a tornado gt40 with a carbonfibre chassis? Is it performing like a new supercar, or is it more like an upgrade of the replica?
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    Original Chassis Drawings

    I've a set of 1964 chassis drawings I purchased for my monocoque rebuild. All 250+ drawings denote FAV, some Lola Cars Ltd and are used with 1965 working amendments and transcriptions expressed on them. They are the real deal, reprinted in Imperial sizes in roughly A2/A3SS format and show...
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    Unique design only for you!!!

    Hi guys, would anyone be interested in a unique design built on their chassis?