1. P

    P 1000 w

    I saw this GT40 for the Dix Mille Tours du Castellet , its chassis number is P / 1000 W, do you have an explanation for the W ? Peter Auto - Dix Mille Tours du Castellet
  2. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    I am delighted to say that I have just been to collect Southern GT chassis #48 from Mick and the team, together with a pre-cut aluminium panel set, wishbones and fasteners. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm sure it'll keep me out of mischief for a while. Collecting chassis in a LWB Merc...
  3. W

    Identify this replica chassis pls?

    A friend sent me these photos. Identify chassis, anyone recognise the car? Sorry about the rotation in one photo. Dave
  4. P

    GTD40 chassis # help please

    Hello Folks, I want to know what #my chassis is on my GTD. It has vin and number plates that match each other and are what was used in California for the SB100 registration by F. Faili ( hope I spelled his name correctly). Any way, I cant seem to find a number that fits the description that some...
  5. W

    What chassis number is this car?

    Hi All, Does anyone know anything about the GT40 owned and raced by Chris Ward and JD Classics? Reg number is FKJ 9C. I have seen the car at several events but cant find out what the chassis number is or what colour the bodywork is. I will try to upload a photo of it. Thanks all! Tom...
  6. S

    does anyone know what brand replica this is

    looking that purchasing this car for the engine that in it( Porsche) does anyone know what brand kit this is and what the chassis is built on? any information is very appreciated. thanks!
  7. Hendrickx Paul

    GT 40 Mk3

    Hello all, question: on the mk3 the gearlever is in between the seats,and handbrake. If the mk3 is based ont he mk1 chassis, where is then the "big" central tunnel, and where are located the cooling pipes on this car? How are the seats fixed? Are the...
  8. S

    tubular or monocoque ?

    Hello to all where I live there will be no change to bring a gt 40 on the road , so I am thinking of a trackcar with some historic racing . off course brakes and suspension should be made for the job , but my question goes for the chassis : tubular or monocoque ? I would like to read the...
  9. S

    Chassis plans

    Does anyone sell chassis plans for scratch-builders? I have seen the plans from Chris Melia and Renee. I was just curious if there are any plans that could be purchased that are verified to fit a certain body?
  10. S

    New GTD40 owner

    Hi My name is Steve Rivett and live near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. My plan on retirement was to build a GT40 replica but I got caught by the Mazda FD3S RX7s. Owning 1 myself 380 bhp and rebuilding over 50 rotary engines over the past 6 years. Now 71 years old I left it too late...
  11. D

    GTD Engine/gearbox Lowering

    Hi all I've just been reading with interest all the various options on lowering the engine in a GTD.... inverting gearboxes/Southern GT rear end/angle grinder to GTD chassis etc etc. The chassis is completely standard GTD and I'd like to lower the engine/gearbox by a modest amount c.30mm or...
  12. R


    There was a chassis on ebay for a gt40 about 3wks ago --does anyone know if it was sold thanks rods0
  13. S

    Which chassis number: GT40 at Legendary Motorcar?

    Does anyone know the chassis number of this GT40 which is currently at Legendary Motorcar and which ran at SAAC-42 Indianapolis this June? Thanks. Website listing: 1969 Ford GT40- 1 of 7 Lightweight GT40s factory built The car is described as follows. 1 of 7 Lightweight Factory...
  14. B

    Chassis build table size

    I've taken the plunge and ordered the forte chassis kit what size table is best for construction want to get ready for the big day Cheers
  15. B

    David's GT-Forte Build

    Well I've gone and done it the order is in for the chassis pack from GT-Forte so now I've got to get everything ready for the build starting with my shed that is trashed at the moment and got motorbike parts all over the place. This is my first ever car build but my son races mini bikes so...
  16. C

    1967 GT40 Mk4

    Hi does anybody know what the 2two yellow circles above the 2 windshield corners meant ? on the J5 chassis 67 lemans 24 winning car
  17. G

    TIG Filler Rod Material

    Probably only a question Fran would know. What filler rod was used for TIG welding the chassis and tank?
  18. F

    Francesco (fra75) gt40 project

    Hello to everyone, excuse my english. I write from the Italian, and following an incident that was not my fault, in which I destroyed the shelby gt 500 of 2011, I decided to give life to the engine building my dream .... the gt 40, this is my gt40 project. I built the chassis to accommodate...
  19. M


    Found this interesting picture (GT40 porn?) of a naked 40 chassis. Don't often get a view of the insides with the skin removed. Look at all those stampings they had to make. Funny it came up while searching for Mclaren chassis pictures LOL
  20. J

    New gt40 monocoques available!

    Hey everyone, look at this website I've stumbled upon. They are selling original-style FIA GT40 tubs, suspendion, brakes, Etc It appears all parts are FIA-spec and is very exciting indeed. I have no link with the website, but thought you'd all be very interested, especially as there's some...