1. ckouba

    919 Tribute

    Not GT40 but fits in nicely in this crowd... Whatever you may think of the modern day era LMP/WEC cars, this impresses me. I watch videos and think, meh, I'm sure that is fast but it doesn't look fast- at least on TV or the internet. This one puts that to bed. It looks like a slot car...
  2. Dave Hood

    FAST 2.0 EFI Install

    A few weeks back I had Paul Whitlock (here in Charlotte) swap out my old Pantera fuel injection system with the FAST 2.0 self-learning unit. The install was a bit tricky since I'm running an Eight Stack EFI system that draws so much air. But Paul did an amazing job getting it right. Along...
  3. MHNCO

    Fast GT40

  4. K

    Stolen GT40 Jalopnik article

    Not sure if anyone has seen this: Glad it was found so fast.
  5. Dave Hood

    Fast ez-efi 2.0

    In a few weeks I'm planning to upgrade my ECU on my Eight Stack fuel injection to the most recent version of the FAST self-tuning system. Is anyone using the new FAST ECU? Any feedback?
  6. Big-Foot

    Spammers are back in force...

    Thanks to all of you who report the spam threads. Please do not respond to spammers and (obviously) never click on their links... Your moderators are nuking them as fast as we can!
  7. D

    Fast Car Festival, Donnington

    :helmet: On the 2nd July there is a Fast Car Festival at Donnington Park Circuit, as posted on the Club Website > Events page The Fast Car Festival | The Fast Car Festival Peter Thompson, our NW Area Rep is organising TRACK TIME but has a very short window of time in which to find...
  8. J


    Hi all is there a simple reason for my indicators to flash fast ....... Hazards flash normal speed . Any ideas please .... John...
  9. J

    New Member From N. Texas

    Hello, I've been checking this forum out for some time. Decided I better get on here and do a formal introduction. I'm from N. Texas DFW area and am currently considering the following projects. Hopefully hanging out here with some of you will push me in the right direction. Factory Five 33...
  10. D

    Fast Five

    There are over twenty amazing cars in the new Fast Five movie! If you could drive away with one, which would it be? Fast Five DVD & Blu-ray: Behind-The-Scenes