Looking for info on this CAV GT40 for sale

Now i feel stupid... Sorry, i see that you own 158. I hate getting old. The car you are asking about is a very early cav. A much better deal is 147 for sale in pa.

Thanks Walt, no worries at all!

I agree 147 in PA looks like a great car and deal.

Just curious about the car in question down in Texas because it looks like a serious build but I can't track down a single piece of information on it anywhere. I've combed through countless pages of posts on this forum alone. There does seem to be an inaccuracy with the vin# the seller listed, so waiting to hear back from them about that.
I believe the CAV car in Texas to be a built for the USA market, stainless chassis, Mk 1, number 52. I own # 40 mono CAV which was delivered to California in 2002. Based on the delivery of my car, I would guess that #52 was built sometime in the 2002-2003 time frame. Car #52 looks to be an excellent car, well equipped and in great condition. Being somewhat biased, hope they get every penny their asking.
I own #44, delivered in 2003 so the 2003 date for #52 seems on target. Yeah....I also hope the guy gets anywhere between $140K to his asking price of $190K for a 1st gen CAV....that would make me smile, but I have to agree the car in PA seems like a great deal......
There is no doubt that the PA car @ $105K looks to be an excellent buy. The configuration, build quality and overall appearance is very good. The mileage is low and yet enough to where you would expect the car to be sorted. There is considerable value in buying a car that is road ready. The prices for these cars have been on the rise for 2 years and I think that owners of the early "mono" cars will agree that they are really good cars. Buying a new factory car from any of the providers will take time and a lot more money.