UN1 identification - crown wheel numbers


I have a spare UN1 box supposedly out of a 21 Turbo, - pulled the bell housing off to read the numbers on the crown wheel, but I can't find any info on what they mean - anybody who can point me in the right direction?

Numbers are 127-09-M0150


Paul Hendrickx

Thx Ian for waking me up......

on the crown Wheel and on the attack pignon the numbers should be the same....what the m1050 means i dont know.... yet
the 127 - 09 means 9 th diff manufactured on day 127 of the year. this is what i finf in the original w/shop manual from Renault those days....1980...

hope this helps

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If you can't find UN1-13 on crown wheel then it won't be a 21.

I think you might have a garden variety 4 cyl box...they seem to have the numbers etched into the 'bevelled' edge of the ring gear(like in that diagram) instead of on the face like the turbo's and V6's.

They are also about 10mm smaller in diameter.

But I may be wrong!