1. I

    What Year SS Calipers?

    In the process of breaking my calipers down to get some powdercoat. I saw this morning that some left the pistons, dust boots and seals installed, but other forums remove them. May have wasted my time, but it won't hurt at least. I need to get some rebuild kits, what year SS are our...
  2. N

    Steering Question

    I connected my steering linkages tonight and for some reason I can turn way right and barely left. I have the tie rod ends as far as they can go in on the right side and out on the left side, but it doesn’t help. It seems as if it’s somehow too far right. I used the rack that I...
  3. D

    YOUR Club AGM

    :idea: The Club AGM this year will take place at The National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire UK. CV8 2LZ Monday, MONDAY 7 May 2018 1.00PM The Conference Theatre, (small room on left) Main Item on the agenda is the election of committee members. Regards David.
  4. Cobra

    Ceramic Coating and O2 Sensor Install

    Re-installed the exhaust system after having an O2 bung welded onto the driver side collector and having the entire system freshly ceramic coated. Installed an AEM AFR gauge on the lower left face of the instrument panel just above the left hand sill. Fired up the motor to test the gauge...
  5. T

    Radiator Questions

    in the photo i have a radiator exactly like this one . i need to know what the large red screw on the right side is for and the small red screw on the top left and if it matters which side is hot and which is cold on the hoses. thanks tom
  6. D

    P1109, horror!!

    There were only 2 original GT40's this year Spa Classic. There was Claude Nahums P1078 and there was P1109 (which can be discussed of being an authentic GT40). And this is what was left of it after it crashed........
  7. F

    Convert Left Shift to Right Shift

    I have a left hand shift in a right had drive. I'm finding that i'm missing shifts. Is there anyone in the East that have experience with this type of item. Might have to change my fuel cell that has a notch for the shift linkage.