Ceramic Coating and O2 Sensor Install

Re-installed the exhaust system after having an O2 bung welded onto the driver side collector and having the entire system freshly ceramic coated.

Installed an AEM AFR gauge on the lower left face of the instrument panel just above the left hand sill.

Fired up the motor to test the gauge and quickly confirmed the AFR is very rich at idle, reading 10.9 - 11.1 at 800 rpm. Ford Racing 392 stroker crate motor (M-6007-D392E) with 48 IDAs fires right off and quickly settles into a smooth idle with no drama, but lots of unburned hydrocarbons from the exhaust.

Float levels have been properly set and throttle valves are synchronized and pressure is properly regulated to 3 PSI, but jetting is as delivered (37 vents, F7 e-tubes, 70F10 idle jets, etc.)

Now the fun begins, but first I need to investigate a recent anti-freeze leak above the foot box area, suspect one of the heater hose clamps needs to be tightened. :veryangry:

Going to start with 65F10 idles to see if that gets the AFR in the ballpark. Maybe get 60F10's also in case I need to step drill them incrementally.

I've successfully tuned IDFs and IDA 3C's on other cars I own, but suggestions are always welcome. :laugh:


I've found if those slip fit connectors leak any air you're just about up a creek without a paddle. I had to move my sensor to a primary.