1. JBurer

    Kevlar Clutch

    Initial run of the dual disc Kevlar clutches is complete and feedback from several who have installed has been excellent. We'd been offering these to Ferrari customers in different configurations for several years - no surprise they work just as well in the Graziano / V-8 configuration! I...
  2. M

    Rear cable routing

    So similar to the seat question, looking for thought on cable routing in the same area. For the wires going from dash to rear, I have two one inch bundles to get through to the rear. I did cut the front of the seat on the inside, so they fit by there along the spine. Then it seems best to run...
  3. M

    RCR Seats Mounting Seat Belts

    Hello, I have read a few written descriptions, have not yet found any good images, so thought I would ask. For an RCR GT, in particular on the passenger seat, how have you run the seat belts. The issue that I am seeing is that the holes that a seat belt bolt goes into are like 15.5 inches...
  4. C

    Cobra: Fresh FI BB (521ci), TKO600, Hardtop, Pin-Drives

    This is a small project for anyone looking for a 700 hp, well built, missile of a car! The engine (pump gas) is a forged FI 521 ci with Kaase ported SCJ heads and is coupled to a TKO600 trans (with a dual-disc clutch). The front suspension are tubular A-arms (with coil-overs both front and...
  5. gsharapa

    Out For Toys For Tots Run

    Great day in Dallas today December 2nd for annual AER Toys For Tots Run. 75 degrees!
  6. S

    289 build recipe

    I've been scouring the internet for ideas on this build. I just can't seem to sort out the finer points of the build. I plan to run 48 IDFs and 180 degree headers. I want to run Hypereutectic pistons. I will be using reconditioned stock connecting rods with ARP studs. The crank will be...
  7. Mark IV

    U.S. Vintage Grand Prix "laps@Lunch"

    It's that time again! While we run this for Superformance owners, other GT40s are welcome to join us. Watkins Glen U.S. Vintage Grand Prix...
  8. Howard Jones

    Considering MSR membership

    I am thinking about a membership at Motorsports Ranch Huston. It is a three hour tow for me so that's not really that far. Cost is $275 month after initial 1 time membership fee. That would be sort of inline with what I have spend on 6 weekends a year in Northern Calif. There is no daily usage...
  9. M

    LS Steam Tube

    I have read in the Superlite Build Manual that the steam tube from the LS motor can be run straight to the Header (pressurized) tank in the coolant system rather than run to the radiator and back to the header tank. That would certainly make things easier, but is it better? I plan to mount the...
  10. I

    Who Runs 20" Rears?

    First off, I should have done more research on the 19/20 combo....had I, I'd realized 19/19 would be a better route. But since I already went that route, I'm kinda stuck for now. RCR recommends 325/30/20 or 335/25/20, but as I've discovered there's not too many options, far less if you don't...