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Howard Jones

I am thinking about a membership at Motorsports Ranch Huston. It is a three hour tow for me so that's not really that far. Cost is $275 month after initial 1 time membership fee. That would be sort of inline with what I have spend on 6 weekends a year in Northern Calif. There is no daily usage fees so its all you want for 275 month. Not bad really.

The track looks good and well maintained on the internet.

Do any of you guys, Texas really, have any comments on this track? Is anybody a member? Have you run there? I would like to hear from you about the track, who the track members are, generally how it is to run there for a couple of days in a row?

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Randy V

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I can't speak to MSR being worth it or not, but I have a friend who has had a membership to the same sort of deal at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet IL
Home - Autobahn Country Club
He also kept his car there in one of their garages.
He ran the heck out of the car doing laps and every now and then one of the other members came out and he had a dancing partner. That slowly worked on him that he was doing mostly solo laps and the fun was not quite what it was initially.
Oh there were events put on by SCCA and NASA there and he could enter them, but his country club membership did not include those entry fees.
The last I heard from him, he was considering selling his membership and pulling out.
Just something to think about...