1. B

    back on the site

    Back on the site Benjamin Van Riet Belgium Ford GTD40 When someone have A original Vickers Fuel Cock for sale please let me know regards
  2. B

    Mystery Car Contest

    They've already announced the winner and answer (I'll post it later), but I'm curious if anyone on this site (that's a clue) can identify the car (until now, I didn't know that the car existed). THE AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS d'ELEGANCE SECOND ANNUAL REALLY HARD "IDENTIFY THIS CAR" CONTEST. WIN...
  3. N

    How Do You Keep Your Garage Clean?

    I’ve seen some amazing garages on this site and the floors are spotless and the tool boxes shine and the while walls are gleaming and the cars in progress are shiny. I just painted my garage floors and walls in the Fall and you’d think that I never painted them. The floors are dirty even...
  4. T

    New Member

    Hello My name is Mark Simpson, I have recently purchased an unfinished Tornado project and will be starting the build when the weather improves and I can find a home the Lotus that is already in my garage. I have already spent many hours perusing this forum which has proved a valuable source of...
  5. H

    Newbie from Chi-town

    Just signed up. Found this site randomly bc I was googling a GT40 question and the site popped up. Been into the fox mustangs since the early nineties. Good to be on here
  6. S

    Intro from Nangkita

    Hi All, This could possibly the most belated intro considering I've been a member of the site for almost 10 years. Thought I better say G'Day. I'm not a GT40 owner/builder yet, but it'll definitely happen one day, once I finish restoring our house, build the stables for the wife, restore...
  7. IanAnderson

    This Site

    Good evening everyone I am a regular on this site and likewise a member of this club, joining way back in 2003 to 2004 We have over the years managed to make some reasonable funds and I would propose that we ask our committee to arrange to fund this website to the amount required to get rid...
  8. K

    Is gt40' important to you?

    Hey guys, the site has reached a kind of impasse in that it needs some cash and time input because stuff is broken and won't get fixed. Ron has told me it needs circa $2,000 to fix it and he has neither the cash or the time to do it. (He has a high power job that takes much of his time at the...
  9. C

    Logging in to the site

    Hi. For the last few weeks I've had to put in my user name and password in every time I visit the site. I tick the 'remember me' box every time. Just wondering if this is a change to the site, or whether it's just me?
  10. Ron Earp

    I figured maybe I should make a post down this way since I have a feeling some regulars here don't know the SLC subforum exists as part of Anyhow, there is a fund drive going on to support the site software overhaul. We've got just enough collected to cover the licences and...