Is gt40' important to you?

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Hey guys, the site has reached a kind of impasse in that it needs some cash and time input because stuff is broken and won't get fixed. Ron has told me it needs circa $2,000 to fix it and he has neither the cash or the time to do it. (He has a high power job that takes much of his time at the moment). I don't have to tell you what an important resource this site is for anyone that has an interest in high power mid engined performance, both historic and current.

Ron has carried this site for many years and there are hundreds of regular vistors who have used contacts from here to carry on business, and yet have not contributed to the site's income. You know who you are.

This is an uncolicited request from a long term member to try and ascertain how important this site is to you personally and to flag an impending issue. Hopefully we will get some positive responses and then will understand how best to proceed.

Doing nothing at this stage is not an option. If you want the site to continue then you should act.

If you wish to make a donation now or renew your membership as usual it is via this:

I apologise that I am the messenger and I realise that I am not an ideal person to convey this message but others who have contributed greatly to this site have personal issues and are not able to react at this time. No-one asked me to do this although I have spoken to Ron & Randy (who is off-grid at the moment). Either way, the only winners are you, the community and what a great one it is.

Contribute via the above link or let us know your thoughts via the dedicated thread.. Thank you..
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