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Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Good evening everyone
I am a regular on this site and likewise a member of this club, joining way back in 2003 to 2004

We have over the years managed to make some reasonable funds and I would propose that we ask our committee to arrange to fund this website to the amount required to get rid of the bugs.

If the funds are not used here and are purely banked what good are they doing to the community?


Brian Magee

As this involves club funds it should be voted for by the GT40 Enthusiasts Club membership.

I totally disagree with this suggestion as I would not wish for the Club to sponsor a website that has less and less GT40 content.

I now find that there is a smaller content of the website that I bother reading, but, could the website continue on GT40 information alone? I know nothing of how websites run, but would a smaller website be cheaper to run or do the more posts reduce the running costs? Obviously, the more members contributing financially the better.



Hi Brian, good points. The idea is to migrate to a smaller more cost effective platform with lower running costs. To be fair Ron has kept the commercial aspect right out of the site and the current lack of funds is an example of that desire to keep ads out of our faces.

The GT40 content might be declining slightly but nearly all content has been motivated by GT40s ownership who have perhaps moved on or changed direction. In any event, the technical content of mid-engined high performance cars with classic V8's is still very much alive on this site and the technical expertise involved with 'self construction' is thus unchanged except that a much higher standard is being exhibited, motivated partly by sites such as this.

Ian. thanks for your input here. It's a big ask for the club but whatever you decide, I thank you for your consideration..