1. Silver66fb

    SPF GT40 A/C Refrigerant Capacity?

    I'm planning to evacuate and recharge. How much to put in?
  2. 5

    SPF Mk II ON Petrolicious

    SPF Mk II on Petrolicious Fantastic car, fantastic video! :thumbsup:
  3. P

    Spf p/2000

    winter walk
  4. Callaghan

    SPF Headlight alternative

    Greeting, Was wondering if anyone had found a decent replacement/alternative/upgrade for the factory Superformance headlights. Not sure if all the SPF cars come with garbage lights or I just got a Friday car. Oddly the fog lights are nice and bright. Cheers Callaghan
  5. J

    Unable to post to SPF

    I'm unable to post to my thread on SPF and yet, unfortunately can continue to post on the political page in the paddock:furious: Can this be reset to allow me to post again?
  6. M

    SPF front upright lower bearings

    Greetings from Hampshire. Last MoT test showed up play (looked vertical) in the lower bearing on the driver side front upright on my SPF GT40 Mk1. Anyone have any idea/experience of what I’ll find when I get the time to pull it apart? Is there adjustment or will I be looking to source a new...
  7. 5

    What happened to the SPF forum???

    Just noticed the SPF forum is gone??? What possible reason could there be for destroying such a valuable resource? For SPF owners (and wannabes like me) it is the principle reason this site even exists--and the principle reason we choose to support it with cash contributions from time to time...
  8. J

    SPF white gelcoat

    i have SPF GT40 Mk2 P2116 and have a scratch. about 5 in. long on rear shell thru Gelcoat. rough edges. i'm assuming this is gelcoat. is there a number or code for white on this car? local boatyard gellcoat repair expert guy asks. thanks
  9. Silver66fb

    Dash Touch Up Paint - SPF

    Has anyone had to touch up knicks/dings in the dash. If so, what paint did you use? Thanks.
  10. R

    RHD Shift Linkage

    LHD Shift Linkage I posted this in the "Original GT40s" area but I might have better luck here with other SPF owners. Does anyone out there have pictures of their RHD shift linkage out of the car. How did SPF solve these problem? What does the spherical bearing look like installed in an SPF...
  11. S

    SPF 2319 now in So Cal

    Hello, I have taken delivery of SPF 2319, a GT40 MkII in black with silver stripes. I will be doing the install myself so I was happy to find a site specializing in GT40's. I have a 427 Windsor in the works and a ZF-2 out of a Pantera that was freshened up by Lloyd of RBT. The plan is to drive...
  12. F

    NEW Superformance Mk 1 GT40 *SOLD*

    NEW Superformance Mk 1 GT40! Right hand drive! Wide Tail. Gulf Paint Scheme. Gulf Knock Offs. New 331 Motor. New 5 speed ZF. Painted BRM Wheels. Roll Cage. Air Conditioning! With or Without Mufflers. Street and Track Sorted. HSR / SVRA Vintage Race Eligible. Call Fran Kress with any questions...
  13. M

    SPF drive shafts

    I'm just replacing the rear uprights and lower arms on my SPF GT40 Mk1 (2140) to repair some accident damage dating from before I bought the car. The next part of the swapover is to remove the driveshafts from the upright which requires undoing the 36mm bolt visible deep inside the spinner...
  14. R

    None Locking Gas Cap

    Does anyone know what gas cap would replace the locking gas caps on our SPF GT40's? I just don't think I can look that one up at the local parts store.
  15. Vintage64

    Mk I: Mirrors & fitting the driver

    I was supposed to take delivery of my Mk I (#2228) on Thursday but it looks like the Roush 427IR is leaking oil. So I decided to go to the dealer and take a look for myself. I won't go into the oil leak issue because that will be handled under warranty, but there were two other issues that left...