What happened to the SPF forum???

Just noticed the SPF forum is gone???

What possible reason could there be for destroying such a valuable resource? For SPF owners (and wannabes like me) it is the principle reason this site even exists--and the principle reason we choose to support it with cash contributions from time to time.

I seem to recall that at one time the owner of SPF had a hissy fit which caused the SPF forum to disappear, bitnthe issue was resolved fairly quickly. So what is the reason it's gone again?

Somebody has some 'splainin' to do.

UPDATE: In the All GT40s forum (instead of here where it belongs) there is a thread where it's revealed that the entire Manufacturers section of the forum is temporarily offline pending an update of some sort, but is scheduled to return.

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Dave Hood

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With various posts about the SPF forum potentially going away because Lance is not supporting it, I picked up the phone today and called Lance. What he told me is that Barb (from his company) sent the check to Ron a while back. He doesn't know why the SPF forum is not currently active. Lance said he would have Barb reach out to Ron ASAP to determine if there is a problem.

For those of us who own SPF cars, having our own place on the site is important. So hopefully this will be resolved soon. But Lance made it very clear to me that they intend to continue supporting the SPF forum on the site.