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    DAX40 Ford 302 with EFI, Renault UN1 Transaxle
  2. RichardH

    UN1 Rod Change Reverse Gear Lockout

    Having had a look around without any luck, does anyone know where i can get a reverse gear lockout plate/mechanism. Reverse on mine is left and back. I have seen the Tornado cable mechanism, but would rather a selector guide plate incorporating a reverse gear latch of some form. Any ideas?
  3. R

    A Dutch hello!

    Hi guys! I love this blog. I'm a design director for an OEM, but I love classics too. Other than designing cars, I love to build one myself. I'm really into buying a Gt40, and actually have 2 competitors in my mind. An RCR, or a Tornado. What are the pros and cons of both? Which one would be...
  4. Shaun Sizen

    331 v 347 Thoughts

    Hi, I expect its been run over a few times, pardon the pun, but what are teams views and thoughts on a 331 v 347. Just about to start the build of SGT chassis 54 so am looking into engine options, going to be a beefed up UN1 gearbox, Mick @ SGT mentioned a while back a 331 is a nice engine to...
  5. saxoncross

    Renault UN1 - Background

    Hi all, came across this intersting article on the use of the UN1 transmission in the Esprit, written by the Esprit Platform Manager at Lotus Cars and thought I'd share to a wider audience Regards, Andy
  6. T

    UN1 identification - crown wheel numbers

    Gents, I have a spare UN1 box supposedly out of a 21 Turbo, - pulled the bell housing off to read the numbers on the crown wheel, but I can't find any info on what they mean - anybody who can point me in the right direction? Numbers are 127-09-M0150 Cheers Mike
  7. G

    UN1 Output shafts

    I’ve just purchased MDA GT40 with a Renault UN1 gearbox, are the output shafts meant to float? The hubs that slide over them appear to move horizontally on the output shafts too, this alone seems a little excessive as though the lock pins have been omitted? Thanks in advance:uneasy:
  8. H

    Renault Un1 Albins one piece shaft + dog gear sets

    Hello Gents. I am wondering if anybody is interested in going thirds on a set of three gear sets I have ordered from Albins. Naturally I'm taking one for myself so the other two are up for grabs.....now here's the details: Custom one piece shaft with Ford 1" 23 spline Dog engagement...
  9. S

    Wanted - Renault UN1 Gearbox

    Hi, I am looking for a Renault UN1 gearbox to use as a base in which to fit a Quaife gear kit and LSD. Any offers greatly appreciated. Thanks. Steve
  10. T

    Clutch slip when hot

    Hi to all I have finally got round to sorting my clutch slip when hot I am using the un1 gearbox mated to a BMW 3.2 evo e36 with a bmw clutch Having stripped it down last week i cam across the following problems The pressure plate badly burnt The flywheel badly burnt with a hairline crack in it...
  11. T

    clutch slip when hot

    Hi to all i have a renault un1 gearbox mated to a m3 e36 engine the problem i have his when the engine gets warm the clutch starts slipping Any help i would be appreicated thanks jon
  12. M

    UN1 13 Grinding when trying to shift

    Have a problem with my newly installed Un1 13, it did work fine to begin with thoug selecting reverse has been a problem from day one, - tried different things, first off i use a 7/8 mastercylinder and original renault slave, when clutch is depressed it moves 12mm at the slave, tried bleeding it...