1. soulcoaxer

    Drone Does Ferris Wheel, Santa Monica . . .

  2. soulcoaxer

    2nd Steering Wheel . . .

  3. F

    steering wheel

    I have a 2006 CAV and wondering if anyone knows where to get a nice black steering wheel with raw aluminum center pc that will fit?
  4. F

    CAV parts

    Can anyone tell me a good source for parts on a 2006 CAV? canards, rear spoiler, rear mesh vents, license plate filler cover, maybe carpet, light covers, side door covers. Also, will a Momo steering wheel fit these cars? Its my 1st 40, and thanks in advance for any help.
  5. M

    Front & rear wheel alignment

    Guys does anyone have a process / Methodology for front & rear wheel alignment settings for road use. Mick
  6. N

    Staggerd wheel set up verses square

    I am looking at wheels for my GT40 project and all the GT40’s that I see have staggered wheels with large tires on the rear. After a lot of reading, many believe that a square wheel setup on the track gives the car a more neutral feel with less understeer. I’m building my car for the...
  7. T

    UN1 identification - crown wheel numbers

    Gents, I have a spare UN1 box supposedly out of a 21 Turbo, - pulled the bell housing off to read the numbers on the crown wheel, but I can't find any info on what they mean - anybody who can point me in the right direction? Numbers are 127-09-M0150 Cheers Mike
  8. C

    Underbody coatings

    What have folks used to coat the undersides of their bodies? I’m looking to try and quiet down any rock or wind generated noise. Same stuff for the wheel well liners and general bodywork? Or different based on location? Thanks, Cam
  9. ckouba

    Gravity Racer, take II

    The lunacy is starting again. Last year I (quite casually) chronicled the build of my entry for the Portland "Adult" Soapbox Derby in this thread, and cutting to the chase, WE WON!! This year, instead of tuning up the winner, I have decided to actually just build another one from scratch...
  10. M


    I am trying to contact Kress motorsport but struggling,I know Fran has been unwell and if anyone has info that would be helpful I am looking for good quality steering wheel emblem Regards mark
  11. 7

    Question of wheel size and brakes that'll fit........

    I'm in the planning stages of building a GT40. One of the things that has come up is the wheel diameter. I'm thinking of building a car from Active Power Cars and they use Corvette C5/C6 suspension pieces and brakes. I've seen that the factory size rotors are 12.6" on the front and 11.8" on...
  12. B

    Reinventing the Wheel

    For the next mission to Mars (or the Moon), NASA is working on developing a new type of wheel. https://www.nasa.gov/specials/wheels/
  13. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    Any threads here on procedure to 'remove & replace' a fuel cell bladder. All I can find (search) is it's necessary to remove front suspension and remove from sponson through front wheel well cover. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Tim
  14. C

    Wanted: Original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners

    Hi guys,.....does anyone have, or know of a source for the original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners,....as pictured. Any source would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!
  15. C

    Original Gulf GT40 wheel spinners

    Hi guys,.....does anyone have, or know of a source for the original style Gulf front and rear wheel spinners,....as pictured. Any source would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!
  16. Dan carter

    Stuck Brake Calipers?

    Has anyone experienced the residual pressure (2lb) valves holding enough pressure to engage the brakes sufficiently to limit wheel rotation (wheels are very, very hard to turn). I even disconnect the axle to isolate the wheel hub, etc. My back two wheels are being impeded by the brakes. So...
  17. F

    Wheel Bearing Adjustment Tool

    I have a wheel bearing adjustment tool laying around my garage but no SPF to use it on... would be happy to get it to someone that could use it. It is new and never used. If interested just cover shipping and I will send it to you. Thanks Kevin
  18. ckouba

    Gravity Racer

    Chapter One: Mental Commitment, Design Definition, & Initial Build Portland has an adult soapbox derby each summer (http://www.soapboxracer.com/) and an acquaintance of mine built an entry and ran it last year, having a BLAST. I found out about it and decided I had to do it, so I started my...
  19. D

    Visibility of Koso Gauge

    I finally got around to test fitting the dash, Koso gauge and steering wheel. With the seat in the most rearward position and flat on the floor and the steering wheel positioned comfortably, I can’t see the Koso gauge through the top half of the steering wheel. Lowering the steering wheel...
  20. C

    Cobra/GT40 wheels

    Full set of five Cobra ll made in USA 6 pin drive wheels for csx/kirkham cobra or GT40. Polished rims with rough centre look. No tires. 7.5 x 15, and 9.5 x 15. One front wheel with polished rim and painted grey centre. Fitted with new Goodyear Eagle Billboard tire. 7.5 x 15 wheel. 26.5 x 8 x...