Front & rear wheel alignment

Guys does anyone have a process / Methodology for front & rear wheel alignment settings for road use.

I don't Mick.
a club im in has recently bought a bunch of alignment gauges to go with the corner scales, so it something I will be looking into.

First of all, it depends on your driving style and the chassis geometry, how much it rolls in normal cornering etc.

My opionion is to stay as neutral as possible for good allround performance, applies to most cars.

Dimi Terleckyj

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The way I set mine up was to get the rear wheels squared off with centre line of the chassis and then string line these with the front wheels to get everything parallel.
Once this was confirmed that all wheels were facing straight ahead then depending on the weight, driving style, and intended use, toe in,camber,and caster can be dialled in to suit your style.
After my initial setup and a few tweeks I have found that tyre wear and handling after 30,000 Km's is pretty much spot on and even.
Hope this will be of help.
Just my settings on my CAV....which made the car drive much better than when I bought it:

1. Front: 1.5 degree neg camber, .5 neg toe in (unsure of caster),
2. Rear: 1.0 degree neg camber, zero toe (unsure of caster).

The rear tire, being much wider than the front, seemed to be more sensitive to camber.

When I bought the car it had 2.5 and 3.0 neg camber on the front (left/right) and .5 and 1.5 negative on the rear, with 1.0 degree toe out on the front and .5 toe out at the rear. The car drove like total do-do. With the alignment to the above (corrected) specs the car drove very, very well.

Just my little bit of experience.
So ,changed the setting to the following
Front toe .5mm+
Camber 1.5deg-

Rear toe 1.5mm+
Camber 2.0deg-