01E Gearbox - Gear selector shaft questions


I found my way back to the forum. Below link will show you my introduction from 2013....


I moved to the United Arabic Emirates a couple of months ago and really want to finish my the designing of the kitcar and get it in the desert during my stay here.

This is the actual CAD status:




So I'm slowly continuing the build. Currently I'm busy designing the Shifting mechanism and Gearbox supports and I have some questions.

1. Am I correct about the functionality of the gear selector?


Neutral position of gear selector shaft (I'm sure about this position :drunk: )


Is this position for the 2nd / 4th / 6th gear?


And this then for Rear / 1st / 3rd / 5th gear?


- Having the selector shaft like it is normally gives me the 3rd and 4th gear,
- Moving the selector shaft inwards to the gearbox gives me the 1st and 2nd gear and moving it one more stop inwards the reverse gear.
- Pulling the selector shaft out of the gearbox gives the 5th and 6th gear

Correct me if I'm wrong, I currently don't have a gearbox to validate this.

Next question is about the rotation of the selector shaft. I estimated it to be around 20 degrees, did someone measure this?
And how about the number of milimeters the selector shaft travels inwards and outwards the gearbox?

I'm willing to share my 3D data and / or 3D scans.



Fredrik P

A friend of mine measure this and found that the rotation from N to 1:st is 20 degrees, N to 2:nd 20 degrees. The movement from R to 5-6 is 22 mm. Hope this helps.
When you get to Des Moines look me up I do diesels too and my brothers son is an engineer for John Deere, Rod 515-202-8090
Bert are you going to cable shift or rod shift, if the rod change i can show you a cheap and easy way to do it.

David, here' s a pic of the one i made for mine, its very simple and gives you a standard H pattern shift, the ball and socket i used is from an early Mini gear shift remote, if you have trouble trying to find one up there i can get one for $25 aus, and post it up to you if you like

cheers Kaspa
I'm sorry Gentlemen, for some stupid reason I switched the subscription to this topic off..

@Fredrik Pousard: Thanks this is helpful information!
@Scot: Correct and I'm going to build it up with a mechanical rotation pump and 2 VNT turbo's
@Rod Brace: Due to an reorganization I lost my job at JD. Switched to Aerospace and working in The United Arab Emirates.
@John: Around the engine with cables and in the interior with a rod. Will start working on this now. / Thanks for the offer on the parts!
@David: Then keep following me :)

I continued a on the previous design and designed the play out of the mechanism, it took me for sure more than 60 hours of trail and error...

Now I will continue on the cable holder design, the cables, and shift rod with shifter.

Please give me feedback if you have any!









Bigger pictures in my project folder: http://zwalve.eu/v/Smoketail+Supplies/Projecten/Kever-mTDI/
Small update:

For now I'm ready with the shift mechanism on the gearbox. I will now continue with the Shifter.