1:18 scale mk 1 ??

That Spark model looks nice.
I owned 2 red GMP mk1 1/18 die-cast models, bought them from the US (ebay I won 2...oeps) anyway, for a nice price incl tax etc costs a year or 2 back, but this year I needed the money so I sold those this month and still made some money with those :D
But then I checked ebay and some are now 700.-euro or gbp...so mine were "cheap"

Still own the cheaper scale 1/18 die-cast models mk1, I have 3 of those, 2 from Jouef and one from Eagles? but looks the same as Jouef.

I have a red and a black and a Gulf 6 color GT40, nice models but not as detailed as say the lovely GMP model.
Hi all

Just found some pictures of the recently launched Spark 1:18 scale Gulf car. Think it looks really nice although from what I've read it's a sealed car so you can't open any of the doors, rear clam etc which is a real shame.

wow, it does look very good though...
very detailed, say the hood pins and clips etc,

Just ordered such Spark 18LM68 car on-line :D

ow, and a nice 1/18 Kyosho Lotus Europa 08155bk when I was at such scale model website.

thanks for the tip.
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I was given a Trumpeter 1:12 MKII kit for Christmas but there is not enough detail in the chassis to my liking.
I have always wanted a model of my MKI chassis so I have started a scratch build in 15 thou. nickel silver sheet on a 1:6 scale from my full size chassis drawings.
Hopefully it might look like this.


Jim, that scale model monocoque is AMAZING. Not only does it look perfectly original, but all the shop accessories look exactly their their full-size equivalents as well. You are a magician. ;)


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Thanks mate.
A productive couple of days here as the drawings are all scaled down now and I have started scoping some small swaging tools. The nickel sheet and a small press arrived yesterday.
This "mini" monocoque is approximately 17" long X 10" wide without the cradles and it would give an overall body length of 27".
I might consider laser cutting all the sheet work for better accuracy, more like a kit build to save time.
Should be fun:happy:

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How are you forming the roof? I wanted to build a 1/8 scale tub (and just the tub/suspension, no bodywork) and started on the roof first thinking it would be the hardest part. I decided to carve a hardwood "buck' to hammer form the brass inner & outer roof pieces on.

After two hours of carving and grinding I went back to my Fujimi 1/24 GT40s and called it quits!


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I am going to do the dishes using a leather sandbag with rubber and nylon ball hammers.
The edges will be formed with bucks and small crimping pliers. You need very soft annealed brass for this kind of work.
Tedious I know, but with patience they will come out OK.
Try again and good luck.