1965 spf gt40 sold


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Notice that they had to cut out the rear subframe to accommodate the RBT six speed....I really don't see the need for six gears in a car with torque like this has.

The six speed dimensions can be compared here:


I personally never understood the six speed ZF concept either, it's not like the 5 speed has ratios that are too far spread, plus the gears available fit both the 5 and 6 speed. In my Pantera I changed to a taller 5th for an overdrive gear and that's the same tallest ratio you'd get with the 6 speed.


Dave Hood

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For a car with 21 miles on it, that was an absolute steal. I agree that they easily gave up $40,000 in value. Even more with whatever commission they had to pay to the auction company.
I know I am fast approaching 200K if not there already on my car. If you really want to do them right there are no big shortcuts. To make a car that makes nice noises and runs on the street, it can probably be done for around 170-180k.