2017 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 10-12 November

Can someone please update this

If I am needed I need to book air tickets
If my car is needed I need to arrange to get it driven up

I am in Edinburgh and the car near Heathrow, but also have the auditors in the week it starts so can only do Saturday and Sunday

Please let me know

Hi Ian,
Best give Dick Townsend a call, he is coordinating the cars & stand manning.
Exciting news- Joaquin Folsch (cousin of the King of Spain) has agreed to allow his Escuderia Montjuich GT40 P1019 to be displayed alongside our cars at the NEC show. Tony Gallagher has been co-ordinating this for us and both GT40P/1019 and P/1042 are being delivered to the NEC by Simon Hadfield Motorsport in their articulated lorry. I personally wish to thank all involved.. Andrew
Hi Frank, I was at Mathwall Engineering's 50th anniversary last Saturday and there was a black Safir MkV on display. I invited him to see if we could show his car, but unfortunately didn't get his contact details. If you know where one lives and it could be used at the NEC, perhaps Dick Townsend would be interested???? Best.. Andrew
Hi Frank
Dick and I are sat in his kitchen drinking tea, trying to finalise the car list.
Is the Safir available? We would love to have it on the stand.


Darren & Dick