50 years

For some reason unknown to me, I have never really liked the Stones, even though I should do, when my general music tastes are taken into consideration. For me, the best 'pure' rock band that continues to endure, has to be ACDC.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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........ and good 'ole Keef ff -- still doesn't look a day under 70 :thumbsup:
About twenty years ago when the Stones were coming to town a friend called and asked if I wanted to go with him to the show. I like the Stones but have never been a huge fan and I said no. He was in disbelief that i wouldn't go. His reasoning that I MUST go? "There is NO way Kieth Richards will live another year so this will your LAST chance to ever see the Stones!!!"

And wasn't Mick the one who said so long ago he couldn't see himself on stage at "50"......but perhaps he can at 70!
I had a chance to see the Stones at The Meadowlands here in NJ about 15 yrs ago, I was also lukewarm on seeing them, I am glad I went, great show and they did it all in pouring rain.