"917" based on 914-6 for sale!!!


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Found this advertised in "Classic Cars" and on the internet. Interesting but surely £77,950 is abit steep compared to Fran's offerings.

Link to view - Classic Cars Sales From Oldtimer Manchester - however i think using the article on LMK is a little tounge in cheek!

"This amazing car was specially commissioned from K.D. Motor Engineers of Warrington and this unique road-going 917K Replica is rumoured to have cost well in excess of six figures. It is based on a mid-engined 1970 914-6 donor car, 'ARP 496J' and is both registered and taxed as a Porsche. It is completeley road legal and has a current MOT until July 2007. It has covered just 11,618 miles!"

Fed by twin variable-boost GT2 turbochargers, its dry-sump 3.3 litre type 930 flat-six engine also boasts a fully plumbed-in 'wet' nitrous-oxide injection system. Topped by dual intercoolers and a horizontal multi-blade fan, this formidable powerplant is coupled to an inverted manual 911 Turbo gearbox complete with its own oil cooler and oil pump. Intended for both (hyper) fast road and track use, 'ARP 496J' features highly modified suspension and 911 Turbo sourced disc brakes. Reportedly handmade from blueprints, its lightweight fibreglass bodywork is finished in Gulf Oil's evocative light blue and orange colours. Sparse but functional, the replica's cabin sports high-backed seats, a centre-mounted instrument binnacle, Camus LCD display screen (a camera shows behind the car with screen in-cabin), in cabin intercom system for communication between driver and passenger, fire-extinguisher pull, ignition cut-out switch and starter button. A truly unique proposition, this incredible left-hand drive Porsche supercar is worthy of the closest inspection.

The car also has some wonderful additions: the tailfin was signed at Brands Hatch in 2006 by Richard Chamberlain, Mark Finsburg, David Piper and Richard Attwood and the seat belts are from the 1996 Championship Williams driven by Damon Hill (with provenance).

If you could find an original the price would start at approx £1,250,000 and go up from there depending on the history!


I'm no Porsche expert but it doesn't look quite right to me - like somebody has trodden in the middle of it... the front wings look too high for instance...
I agree; the Laser 917 is a caricature of a Porsche 917, not a replica. They regularly sell for ≤$5K as a VW based kit car here in the US. That is why I almost posted this the otherday, just for laughs:

From the auction:
DISCOUNT - 3,000.00


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Looking at the very last works of Fran I think those replicas will have a very very short life in today market.
Nowaday the request for details and precision in shape is very very high and a car as this one can be good maybe for 20yrs ago market.

And 78.000 gbp is definitely a crazy price


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It sure looks like a Lazer to me as well. The only thing neat about the 914-6 is the 6, the rest was nothing to write home about. It cost 6 figures to build???Is that in pesos or rubels?


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Lynn, if that thing came up on me on the road I would stop to let it through. My eyes would be so tightly shut I may crash if I kept on driving!
Being a grass roots kit car fan I never bash the look of any kit, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

GrassRootsKitCars : Grass Roots Kit Cars

I realize some of you here have some very nice high dollar well engineered replicas,
Then you have the fellow who slaps an Avenger body on a VW pan we are all doing this for the same reasons and we all should share in the camaraderie of the hobby not bash someones car because they didn't throw as much money at it as you did yours or it's not as high end as yours or the one you dream of owning.

As you guys know some GT-40 replicas are not all that close like the Avenger, Valkyrie, Kellison, NAF Fiero rebody but those cars are loved by some people.

Actually I would love to find a Kellison GT40 or Fiero rebody for sale,
Yes, I have seen the ones on Fleabay.

Back to the 917
The car you posted IS a Laser 917 I have owned many kit cars you can see my current car here.

Home of Elite Enterprises, Inc Vehicles

Mine is undergoing a major rebuilding & is on a full custom frame.

The car you posted is an example of a person who poured a pile of money into something and it still isn't close enough for the 917 pursuit to like it much,

He will never get out of it what he invested but then again most kit cars never get back the investment we build them for fun not profit.

I believe the fellow should have just bought one of the replicas from Race car replicas if he wanted that close to the real deal.

Am I damning it thru faint praise?
I hope not, look at the build, That car is NOT your daddies VW based kit
that car will compete with about any high end replica you can throw at it and it will spank many of the cars here.

Do I like it ?
Well, I like it for what it is, taking a Laser to the upper limits a fellow did that with an Avenger, have you seen it ?

More pics,

Breathtaking car,
The engineering and drive train will keep up with anything here.
But it still isn't what I would call a GT40 replica, but does have the GT40 style.

I admit Basically this over-the-top Laser, Avenger or many grass roots kit cars are just bastardized versions of the real thing, I know some pompous purists will never like them but don't forget,
Most people will never own a real 917 or GT40 so should our replica or kit we have ever give us an ego trip to the point of laughing at or bashing another persons car, Keeping in mind they are just sharing in this exotic car deam in the way they can.

I don't think so, how does making someone feel bad add to this hobby?

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Definitely, agree wholeheartedly with the let's-be-positive statement.

Accordingly, that's a really, really nice Laser. And, as such, it should bring well above the average price for a Laser (about $10,000avg?) so I would guess maybe $35,000??

Somehow, at 78,000 pounds (about $135,000USD) it seems about $100,000USD over priced.

In Philidelphia it's worth fifty bucks....


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I've seen the car several times in the magazine classic cars. I think the dealer selling it must either have got really stung when he bought it and is trying to cover up his mistake, or he paid very little for it and is just chancing his arm.
Whatever it is, you couldn't PAY me to take it away!
Cliff Beer ,
Thanks for the kind encouraging words.
Some hobbyists can be positive adding to the camaraderie and others have to just poke and slam, people in the car crafting hobby will always have tastes and different opinions, look at all the Ford Vs Chevy BS but like I said when all a person has to project and add is some slam or negativity I have to wonder if that comes from some deep personal issues and jealously of what's being trashed because trashing something never makes what we have or us as a person any better actually it makes us look far worse.
Abe Lincoln said it best, "I would rather remain silent and be considered a fool than to open my mouth and remove all doubt"
Some people should practice that.

Now back to cars,

Actually the laser 917 is a very overlooked bargain in the grass roots kit car world,
I super nice one will go for like 5-7K,
I am talking show ready mind blower, my car with a full custom frame and pristine body , paint and interior was 6K

I just posted a laser for sale not mine but very nice here it is,

Home of Elite Enterprises, Inc Vehicles

I told the buyer on the phone he will never get that for it, don't I wish but that just isn't what they fetch,

As far as that full tilt Laser,
My guess is it will be the show off jewel of a few car lots, it's well built and will spank many of the high end cars here but it's a bastard and after seeing pictures of it I never saw until the other day they cut a few corners that only a laser fan like myself would see right off.

So my guess is that car will be very hard pressed to get much over 15K USA funds
Unless some bucks up fat car falls in love with it.

Hi there P,

Sorry to have offended you, no ill will or critique was intended. I sincerely meant that being positive about the car is the right and decent way to go. My only critique is that I think the price is way off (as many others here have also pointed out in various ways).

Thanks for the "stupid" comment P. Very nice to meet you as well.
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Hi P,
Your post made me think back to my childhood when I got the first ever issues of Alternative Car and Kit Car magazines. Probably still got them somewhere. I used to dream of building a Eagle SS or a Nova (With the roof that tilted open). Back then there really weren't any replicas, just cars that took their inspiration from other well known cars.
To call them replicas would be stretching it too far. I still loved them though. As the years have passed, the industry has moved on and I'm a fair bit richer and count myself very fortunate to be able to build a GT40 'Replica'. That doesn't mean I don't have respect for those that have gone a different route.
I think cars like the laser fall into the catagory of 'cars that took their inpiration from a a well known car' (917) but is not a replica of one.
I think the derisive comments come from calling it a replica. Stand it alone and call it a Laser and I think there is no problem. I like querky cars that stand out from the crowd, even if they may not be to my taste. Everyone to his own. I think the problem comes when it's called a replica, then it's open season to find how it differs from an original and if the body isn't correct, then most won't look any further.
Cliff, I guess tone got lost in type,
I greatly appreciate what you said, :thumbsup:

Fred, I never said it looked right at all, I don't believe it does, :thumbsdown:

I never would call a laser, Avenger , Valkyrie, Kelmark, or even the NAF Fiero rebody or many other grass roots kits "replicas"
Some of you fellows have what I call replicas.

Right on Martin,
Like I said that poor thing is a bastardized kit car , it's not even really a laser any more,
Where I give it credit is while the builder isn't a wrench spinner he just threw money at someone to make it happen, :stunned:

That car is engineered very well, in all due respects it would put a hurting performance wise on some of the replicas found here on this site. :evil:

Guys, I don't dig calling that a replica either, I have two people on the laser forum that I respect that want to make their cars more real deal looking and I admit to them I don't like that,

I wanted another grass roots kit car for cheap fun, I have owned a Sterling, Avenger , Valkyrie, etc, I sold a Motion Mako Vette to have some extra cash, vettes are money pits so you can imagine with selling that car I could buy a GT 40 replica if I desired one.

What I don't dig because it really looks crappy on all us car hobbyists is when people bash, jab and poke at a car someone worked hard on,
I mod on forums and own a couple and I see people say things they would never say at a show to the owners face,
I just wish everyone had the car crafter spirit and feeling of kinship and camaraderie.

Cheers all,
Someone find me a Kellison GT40 near Florida...lol
Hi P,

No worries.

I'm with you, the camraderie and sharing of ideas is 90% of the fun, and, if anyone pours their heart into an automotive project they deserve a healthy does of respect for the initiative and drive to go for it. And, the end product might just turn out to be a stunner.

I suspect this particular Laser is getting only a moderate level of admiration here because there are some folks here who have completed 917 projects which are amazingly close to the original and represent pretty impressive feats of craftsmanship.

I don't know of any Kellisons for sale, but I do know of a Laser here in the Seattle area which is half built and for sale for a good price - comes with a nice SBF 302 engine and Audi 016 transaxle ready to drop in!
people on the laser forum are always looking for cars so if you have any cotact info please send it on to me,

[email protected]

as anyone here knows building a really good replica takes big money but that doesnt mean the builder should be a snob as some who would trash a laser or kelmark or whatever would be,
People who want to trash any customs should just remember the builder might not have your bucks but they might have the same dreams and a bit more heart and soul if you are is a person who trashes others and their projects.


Randy V

I personally have absolutely nothing against any brand or type of kit-car or other such inspired work...

We're all brothers in grease...

Look at it this way - people with possible less "authentic" replicas could have very well chosen to spend their spare time and expendable income on chasing butterflies and hugging trees...

There are some pretty cool cars out there.. And yes, some of them are VW and Fiero chassis & power....