917 drawings

Your Ferrari sketch brought back some thoughts on drawings. I used to do a little art work years ago, mainly pen and ink, but not enough time to devote to it. I had a line drawing done for me by an artist who has since moved on to other things. He did mainly motorcycles, but wanted to branch out into cars. He would do just sections of the cars that interested him like the fin of a 50's Caddy. Your sketch is fairly close to the one I have. Have you done other work like that? Here is the drawing. I was hoping he would be able to sell some of them but there was no interest at the time. I don't know if anyone has asked, but what are your plans with the drawings you have shown so far or ones you will do in the future????


Hi Bill

I haven't done much of pen & ink work, but here is one example that is fairly close to what you have shown... I don't have particular plans for my work, i just draw what i like and show it occasionally.



i am so in favor of your work where you
are pulling the viewer into the details
of the components connecting to each other.
this is a great example of the stuff i like.
so glad for B. Musarra's contribution to
gain your efforts to make this drawing available
for our review.
Hi Miha,
I like the Black and white sketches and I see a little bit of Nicholas Watts in there with a bit of art deco thrown in.
I have about 10 Arthur Benjamin works that I got from Arthur when he worked near me as a draftsman.
If you dont know him look him up, some fetch money now.
You know what they say about artists... There works fetch big money but only when there dead.
Stay well and stay doing what your doing.