917 full tube frame build

Yes it is available through Bailey Edwards or at least thats what their website says. Its an exact reproduction of the original fan, they claim all of the pieces are interchangeable with the original fan. I believe it. there are more pieces involved in the fan than anyone can imagine. You better be sitting down when you see the price. Its over a quarter of the price you paid for the set-up your boy Dave put together down there yonder! You'll have to convert the south African Rand denomination to dollars. Sorry for making you guys do the work now that I've got your curiosity brewing!!!
The fan will not be in the center of the engine cover, It will be set farther back, thats one of several reasons why I went with the zfq because they made me a 5 inch longer input shaft to move the engine farther forward so now the original fan will line up closer to the center of the engine cover. Dont know exactly where yet as it hasnt been mocked up yet but it will be close. Thats all the easy part going with the zfq, the harder part is custom fabricating what will amount to an 8 inch long bellhousing. Fran has reassured me they can do it so Im not worried. This wont allow me to put the fuel tank where you have got yours. Mine is going in the most dangerous spot, just like the original 917's, stuffed in the right side rocker panel next to the drivers seat. Perfect spot for me as I can set my ashtray and Marlboros right on top!
By the by Donnie, that was my chassis directly behind your car at RCR. Denny was the fabricator on your car. He is extremely talented. I live in the area and stop by the shop at least once a month so I've seen everything thats gone through that place, way cool.


Yikes. If a repro is $12k, I shudder at the thought of what an original setup cost! Oh well, it's a standard fan for me...

Someone really should make a cheaper electric kit or something. :)

hi, i bought one of frans 917 mono and since the boltpattern of those discs are different to the original i would have 4 original campagnolo 917 wheels from 1970 for sale.the price would be 9000swissfrancs + shipping. the swissfranc and the usd is almost 1:1
the front is 11x15 and the rear is 15x15
i try to include a picture.


For your 917s to handle right and anywhere near to the originals, you must keep the weight down to allow the Porsche engines to deliver the power, and fitting an after market type fan is not only top end heavy, but draining on the engines output. That gearbox of yours is very heavy and will give you an even great pendulum effect in handling. I ran the conventional vertical fan with a lightweight electric one above. Extremely effective, very light and in the right position. Whether you have a steel or alloy tubed chassis, you will still have flex, even in the upper chassis tubing, and don,t be too skimpish on your matting. Things will "pop" at speed I too, ran a single driver side tank but with an extension as per originals, so as to give me extra racing distance, but do be very careful in your mounting and covering of it, as the very concept of these cars is inherently dangerous, and you will be sitting in a beautiful, but lethal race car. Your bodywork comes from the moulds of original body parts I loaned to Fran back in 2005 !!!!

If you're worries about the height and rear-offset of the CG, I would strongly recommend removing your canine companion before fitting the bodywork. I'm no Colin Chapman, but that's probably an easy way to add 30 or 40 pounds of "lightness".

You're welcome!!