930 to G50/50

Finally had some good weather and took the GT out for a spin. The G50 shifts like a dream and the ratios are perfect, now it feels like the sports car it was meant to be. This was well worth the effort. The one thing I need to work out is the transaxle vent! I'm running the vent off the side of the transmission case and it quickly filled the catch tank (about a quart) and puked gear lube out the vent? You can see a picture in post #18. Anyone have a good solution for a vent on a G50/50? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I decided to install the transaxle vent opposite the drain plug and it worked great. I also removed the EFI as I could never make it work properly. I installed a Holley aluminum 4150 Ultra XP 650cfm on an Edelbrock Performer RPM air gap manifold. I drove it today for the first time and it's finally the car I thought it would be. I went back to the MSD 6A ignition with a MSD billet distributor, this combination with the AFR heads works fantastic. I'll try to get a GoPro video and post it sometime soon.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Good to hear you've got it ready to drive. I've had really good luck with the MSD/Carb set-up, and would have kept it if not for the appearance issue with my car.
I had trouble with my EFI and took another approach. I have the 351 Windsor(now 408) with the AFR 205 heads. I wanted to retain my EFI. I was using the FAST XFI and XIM boxes. When I had my trouble it was suggested that I keep the FAST setup and go with the MSD box and distributor. What I did was outlined by the people at MSD. I kept the crank trigger for the FAST box. It tells the Fast system that TDC will occur in 50 degrees of rotation. That is how it sets the timing. I added the MSD 6A box(now wish I had gotten the 6AL box for the rev limiters). The box then fires when the FAST tells it to fire. Next added the MSD distributor and did away with all the springs and locked out the distributor(no advance). Now the 6A is controlled with the FAST box for timing. The distributor just routes the spark to the right plug and has to be setup or "phased in". An extra distributor cover is needed and a hole is drilled just over the #1 cylinder position. Then the engine is started and you set the distributor so that at full advance, at about 3000 RPMs, the arc of spark is set so that it won't jump to the next plug. You will see the arc at one edge of the #1 plug lead at start, and when advanced it will be at the other end of the lead. Mine runs flawlessly. As I mentioned the step by step is outlined by MSD on the side of their box the distributor comes in. They may have a video of it on their web site. It is an easy transition as I did it by myself with no assistance. Will work great if you want to retain the EFI.