A dozen SPF GTs

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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daryl adams said:
Yeah.....I agree. Especially because that's my stripe-less Titanium MKI sitting in the back row. Getting closer!
DARN!!!! I was gonna take that one! Good choice, I like the silver or the titainium colors on a Mk I.

I wish all you guys a "happy new year" behind the wheel putting losta S"MILES" on the cars.
Beautiful ornaments I would say.Nice pic.I like the claret red one with thin stripes.

Merry Christmas with holidays that are happy!!!

Eric Johnson
I'm wondering if any owners have given thought to the outside mirror situation on the SPF GT40. I notice the red one in the lower left hand corner has black outside mirrors (which I'm not too crazy about). I believe that is the Olthoff demo. The rest have no mirrors.
Given that vision to the rear is non-existent on these cars, how do you intend to solve this problem?
I know that electronic rear view monitors are available for retrofit, but I'm looking for a more purist solution.
Any ideas?
Foowowee GT40P2117

Steve C

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Mike.....Dennis' mirrors are paintable....Jerry P2124 has had his painted body color (red), Lances' were done in dark blue ....I'm having mine painted Arcadian...Steve
Steve, thanks for the reply.
Merry Christmas to you and you family.
By the way, my dealer called last Thursday and told me my transaxle was finally in. They are going start the install on Tuesday.
Mike GT40P2117:pepper:
Raydot mirrors with a brushed finish might look good.Limited functionality however.I don't think any fender mounted mirror will be entirely effective,especially on a MK II.

Steve C

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The Olthoff solution is a good one...the mirror is rectangular( offers more mirror area), by nature of the bracket can be mounted off the side a bit and mirror housing as well as base is paintable body color.....Steve
It's simply amazing that in the 66 LeMans race no gt40 driver used side mirrors of any type.I think Graham Hill did, but looking at the pictures he was the only one.I've always wondered why.I can't imagine how difficult that would have been.Granted they where the faster cars,but what if a teamate tried to pass

Eric Johnson
I have 900 miles on my spf mk2 ( in three wonderfull weeks)in all sorts of traffic condition's and I am quite pleased with the mirrors and the ability to see to the rear. Initally I had a few concern's however familiarity with the vehicle and mirrors erased these concern's. Dennis Olthof selected these mirrors and had them match the color to my car. I do recommend that the mirrors do not get mounted untill the driver is in the car and directs the placement for maximum rear view. Dennis Oltoff is about the same height as me however his mirrors on his mk 2 are mounted quite differently than mine.
jerry d
mk3spo1288 and gt40p2124
Regarding the mirrors, I plan to install body color Sebrings. These are period correct and I think I can make them work. I have an old Mangusta, notorious for horrendous rear/side vision, with the same mirror setup. I have them adjusted so that I have no blind spot at all.

Kirby Schrader

They're mostly silver
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OK, I'll chime in... Mine is the titanium with black stripes on the right.
I hope to have the engine and ZF at Dennis' place sometime in late January.

Trouble is, I'm still in Brunei, so I won't be able to actually touch it until sometime in late April.