ABZ Engine 10 bolt flywheel with 01E options

I've been hunting for a while and found the 034 flywheel insert for the ABZ flex plate but by the time the import is done that's a fairly hefty chunk of cash to bolt up to a 13 year old engine. I've been scooting about and found the VR6 flywheel from a UK Golf has what appears to be the same 10 bolt spacing and the same (or minor machining required) centre hole diam. While this only allows a 228mm friction plate they're around ~£40 used here, £70 new and approximately the same mass/inertia. Has anyone worked with this combination? I'm tempted to buy one tomeasure up, machine off the ring gear and bolt it on top of the ABZ flex plate, then find clutch suitable to hold the torque of the V8. Just wondered if anyone had gone down this road before?
I'm sure the ABZ had at least one manual gearbox fitted. Can you not manage to get a flywheel off one?

< quick google > S8 I believe, although it's a tadge heavy and needs an RS2 clutch
Yes the S8 did come with a manual but not in the UK as far as i know and they are as rare as hens teeth so the fly and clutch are as much used as the other options new. plus they are impossible to find in the wild. months on ebay and audi forums and not a jot.
VR6 flywheel has the starter gear mounted on the wrong side of the flywheel. The VR6 does use 10 bolts, but I suspect the bolt spacing, as well as the flange that the flywheel fits over is all different. Also the clutch spacing will all be different.

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I'm not too worried about the starter ring and I'm planning to investigate the clutch spacing - I'm wondering if I can turn the outer ring off the VR6 and bolt it sandwich style onto the flex plate. Naturally requires correct PCD and centre bore. This'll force it to sit forward which I think should place it somewhere near the same distance as the S8 arrangement is.

I've contacted TTV and they said they'd make whatever I wanted but I seem to have lost comms with them somewhere down the line. I suspect, from calls to other places, a custom fly will be around £600-£800 UK, which makes it a bit nuts.
The guy who suggested TTV to me got this flywheel made, cost him under £300


Here's the build thread, he mentions it in is on page 5 (I can't directly link to individual posts) but its pretty much just those two pictures.

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I recon that clutch would be on the small side
You would do better to do it once ,get a fly made to suit a larger clutch.
I run an 01E and it has a 293mm flywheel ,I also run a flex plate to suit the ford motor.
From memory I think my clutch is 270mm plate.
Its an RX7 ser4 turbo clutch with kevlar linings,very easy to drive.
I did have to grind a few areas to get clearance.

Is the VW fly a duel mass, if it is you dont want one of them.