Adventure RV

Bill Kearley

That pic was just a joke Chris. I have a slide-in Arctic Fox
The bellows crumbled and fell apart dew to very cold temps. The wrong type of rubber was the problem.

Chris Kouba

Haven't posted on this project too much but I have been working on it extensively lately. It's going for abrasive blast and epoxy paint on Weds, so I am making sure that everything which needs to be welded on is where it needs to be. I have a few things to still take care of but it is coming together, and the exciting thing is that once it's back, I can put a floor in it and skin the exterior- and then it's "usable"!!!

No pics to share, and even if there were, they'd just look like most of the other pics of a jungle gym on the back of a truck chassis. The next few changes are really going to be noticeable.

Randy V

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Most excellent!
Curios about tge skinning process and order...
Do you save the roof skinning for last to give you light while working inside? Or...

Chris Kouba

I am thinking that I will start with the roof, mostly because if the rainy season starts before I get it completely skinned, I still have some shelter. Then sides and the bottom. It won't really matter on the sequence as the corners will all have some sort of edge cap to cover the seam and protect the panel perimeter, which will go on last. The panels will be sealed individually though, and the cap is a bit of insurance and protection, with another layer of sealant being provided with it as well.