Ali Greys RF107

this is abit late really but better late than never.i am starting to see some light at the end of my so far five and a half years of a few photos to you all what i have been up to lately.

cheers Ali


Well done Ali,Nice choice of colour:thumbsup:. Keep us posted
When the weather comes right and we are in the mood for a swim I will look you up. would be very cool to see in person.
Keep up the good work
had a day at the car today assembling painted parts,having abit of trouble realigning gaps back to how they were prior to painting,hopefully it will come back with time and a few hot days.anybody else experienced the same ,the painters said they didnt bake it much at all.anyway a few photos to cast your eyes over.

Randy V

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Very nice color combination!

I think the RF has a more substantial looking spider than I've seen on other replicas..

Nice work! :thumbsup:
thanks for all the comments guys,had a reasonable day on it today considering one eye was on the great race i took the tv down to the shed.

cheers Ali