Amusing TVR Tuscan Review

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Nothing about that car's design makes any sense. It's totally devoid of functional rationality/common sense from stem to stern. :stunned:


Y'all are too picky. It's a fantastic real sports car, and apart from some minor irritations such as disassembling itself as you drive (kind of a reverse kit car really) it will dust off any exotic costing 10 times as much on any track, given that the driver is suitably competent. It's bonkers and we love it... :)

Now sadly defunct but TVR's still fetch shed loads of cash on the pre-owned market.

Larry L.

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Now sadly defunct...
It's not too difficult to understand why that's the case though, is it.

'Have to admit it has (had?) an impressive sounding '6'. 'Can't recall hearing one that sounds/sounded better - 'inline' OR 'V'.


Designed and manufactured by TVR themselves 370 bhp in-line 6 Larry. . When racing in British GT Series they used to kick serious butt.

I'm not sure why they demised - it certainly was not through lack of sales, but the company has an extremely checkered history and has been owned and disposed of by many an 'entrepreneur'. The Russians bought it, promised to restart manufacturing but we're still waiting...However, the latest news is that Gordon Murray (of F1 fame) and Cosworth are alleged to be currently setting up manufacturing for a 2017 restart.

I think the refreshing thing was that they tried to be different and with Murray at the helm I think that philosophy will continue but I'm also sure the new models won't be as affordable as the one featured here unfortunately..

But we can hope... :)
TVR`s are brilliant pieces of kit Larry. If you own one you need to understand it and its foible`s, being handy with a spanner is a must. If you are mechanically inept you need to be near aTVR dealer or someone like Dave Batty who lives and breathes the things. Nowhere near as bad as folk think but not the sort of car to drop into a Quickfit with.



I bought my first TVR a Griffith 3 years ago, and replaced it with a Wedge 400SE in February. How I wish I had bought one years ago fantastic cars.

According to my inside source they weren't selling many cars at all when Peter Wheeler sold it to Nikolay Smolensky. Also, as I understand it he sold the company including the factory but retained ownership of the land the factory stood on. Not quite sure how he pulled that one off.

They are indeed being re-manufactured by Les Edgar, 250 deposits taken within 6 weeks of of them being taken, first ones due in 2017.

As for making sense, they probably make more sense than a GT40, they have quite large boots for a start ;)
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