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Hi all.
As it's been so quiet lately, I thought I'd post up a couple of piccys. Taken at Bruntingthorpe in Sept of a 3b we had just finished rebuilding, this was a shake down before the Spa 6 hour meet. Car ran great there, got pole and fastest lap and was leading until we had a gear linkage prob and lost 4 laps.
Hope you like, oh and I took them on my phone incase anyone is wondering.....

Have a good christmas y'all.



Very nicely set out pics, Darren - if you have access to a digital camera next time, I would love some high resolution shots of this kind!


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Hi guys, and a Merry Christmas to you all.
Sorry for the delay in replying but not been online over the hols and I'm suddenly up at the top of the posts:drunk:. Right, I'll try and answer in order. I did have my Digital with me, so will try and find the pics I took. Johan, it's not Martins old, car it's actually 141. came back to the UK last year from the states and we've just finished a full rebuild on it. And yup, it's just good old insulation tape around the headlight covers. The continuation car have the covers held on with Hook and eye, or Velcro. They have used the same on the door windows too, but we are a little dubious as to how it will act in a spin when he air gets behind it:stunned:

Well thanks for the comments and hope you all have a great New Year.


Johan. you have a PM


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And to really confuse matters, Martin used to own the red 141 I believe which is now white and the white 141 is now blue...
It would be a lot of fun to race in Europe more often, meaning not the Goodwood events but the smaller events as there are T70s all over the place. We only get a handfull here racing in any given year and the USA is a big place with so many events that Lolas get spread thin.
You guys do really nice work.
It does get a bit crowded on the grid sometimes:drunk:. Best we had this year was 9 3b's in one race at Donnington. Hoped we might get into double figures later in the year but as always, things never work out to get all the cars at the same meeting. A lot of people moan about the number of T70's racing, and it only fuels the "why do we need continuation cars" argument, but for public spectacle, and crowd pulling you can't beat 9 small blocks all heading for that first turn:thumbsup: But then perhaps I'm just biased as T70's are what I do for a living, both original and continuation.
So, here's to '09....


Oh, we've got a T280 to play with now too.....

Brian Kissel

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Hello John !!

That is an awesome looking ride. Is that the one, in Michigan, that was for sale on ebay a year or so ago?? If you have any more pictures, I sure would like to see them either here, or you could email them to me directly. Again congrats on a excellent looking ride. Where are you located at ??

Regards Brian
Hi Brian

Yes it is the car from e-bay.
The sale to a buyer in Germany did not work out and I had been talking with the the seller for several weeks before this.

Thanks to Fran at RCR who was a tremendous help I was finally able to agree on a sale price and complete the deal.

Ive spent most of the last year going through every item on the car and hope to have it on the road later this year if all goes to plan.

I live in California close to Mariposa, that's just outside Yosemite National Park.

I hope to be at the Knotts Car Show later this year with the car.

I will post some more shots of the car for you in another post.

Thanks for your interest and if you are ever in the area I would be glad to let you look the car over.