Audi 01E variants


I am looking for an Audi 01E transmission.
Based on my investigation there are serveral variants of 01E, like DQS, ENU, FRG.

It seems that they all have been mounted on 2.5L V TDI and have the same gear ratios but what I have found in differences:
DQS have 130 mm Drive shaft flange diameter and 2.4 lites of oil
ENU and FRG have 88 mm Drive shaft flange diameter and 2.2 lites of oil

* Do you think 88 mm drive shaft flange is accurate, feels a bit small?
* Do they have any differences in strength?

* The picture below shows a FRG transmission and the flanges seems wider than 88mm, right?


ENU and FRG:
Highly recommend the audi transaxles for an economical and light weight alternative to the ZF and other good options. They're cheap, and pretty robust. I wouldn't put one behind a 427, but for a small block with modest hp/tq they work well.

I know you can put a porsche LSD in the older audi transaxles. Not sure about the 01E, but if you can then I recommend that upgrade.

Definitely chat with Scott - he can answer questions and put one together for you that will be pretty bullet proof.