Aussie RCR T70 capers

Ron Earp

Awesome! Glad to see you out in it! Do you have some pictures of the completed car with detail shots? Would like to see what she looks like in the final state.

We're prepping ours up for the UTCC at VIR in a couple of weeks. Might be hard going for me with now two death related trips and one business trip to do, but I hope to sort it out.

Fran Hall RCR

Must be a relaxing drive if you are sleeping at the wheel....
what kind of HP do you reckon you have and your wet weight?
Yep, easy to drive --one handed through corners whilst changing gears and waving to fans along pit wall:laugh:

950kg wet & ~=400+ at the wheels

Ron Earp

Yep, easy to drive --one handed through corners whilst changing gears and waving to fans along pit wall:laugh:

950kg wet & ~=400+ at the wheels
Don't over do it!

You've got us on power by a lot - about 150 rwhp at least. Our weight seems to be almost precisely the same, 954 kg, except for you're counting driver in your wet weight, correct?

But I believe we have some heavy bits you probably don't have (full eight point cage, steel wheels, two fire bottles, two ignitions). What what engine are you running? I believe you have a 930 transaxle, right?
Too many under-rate the 930 gearbox because it is a 4 speed. Perfectly suited for
V-8 engines up to (IMO) 600HP and very reliable.

Fran Hall RCR

I am a big fan of 930's too....although the speed of the shift is not as quick as the newer Ricardos or the newer late model Porsche units...but still a great alternative for bigger power cars.
We scrounged the Chevy LS6 5.4 L from the guy that did the exhaust system, then found some CNC machined heads for it and with that came the Edelbrock dual plane intake and MSD topped by a Holley 650 DP race carb (no Choke)inc. 1" spacer. Had to unload the "winged" Corvette sump for a Camaro one, then added an oil cooler and Accu sump --thats it, all bone stock, dyno tuned with 405 hp at the wheels .
We are using a 930 Porsche Trans that came with the kit from RCR which is coupled to the motor by a standard "BNC Products" adapter kit and custom hydraulic clutch actuation unit .
* Drive line is standard 930 CVs and custom length axles
* Wheel hubs are all Corvette C4
* AVO shockers adjustable bump and rebound
* 650 Lb springs front and 550 Lb rear
* 7/8"dia. sway bar front and 5/8"dia bar rear
* PWR ally radiator
* Willwood brakes 6 piston F & 4 R, Hawk pads
* Tilton pedals
* Wheel alin'm't-- F 3°camber, ~=6°caster, 1mm toe in
R 2° camber ? caster , neutral toe ?

Its brilliant at cornering and we haven't dialed in or fine tuned anything yet

The whole package just seems to be ideal, as is

Gear ratios --1st too low, 2nd low, 3rd just right, 4 th a bit tall, I think

Good luck at the UTTC Ron --we'll be watching with much interest:thumbsup:
3° camber ( suppose it is negative) sounds quite a lot.

I did run a toe in at first , but than switched to about 1,5mm toe out. It feels even more planted and responsive with this setting. ( do not have any timed laps to compare toe in versus toe out).

Tom, the settings are dependant on a load of things, these are the resultant of - some - fiddling,--I just read the tyres, aim for a nice even grainy scrub across the width. then we can start tweeking things till the Nth degree.

When can we go racing again mum?? huh huh :laugh:

Fran Hall RCR

We were running -3deg on the SL-C racer to start and ended up with less as the tyres liked it better with -1.5...
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Hi Chris

just had a chance to look at the vids. your car is realy driving circles around the others.
Very impressive.
Very nice

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Well spotted Tom -- would you believe, an SLC ------ the other sedan is an Aussie super V8 with all the techo bells and whistles 600+ hp on tap etc etc

PS camber settings are neg, -°
Chris, fantastic performance. I expect lots more out of it with more driving and tuning time.

I have posted the results & details from the Shannon's meet over here:

Flatchat's best time looks to be 1:19.61. Which is a very solid performance. Well done mate.

Nothing better than spanking that V8Supercar.

I'm not sure if anyone got a clear lap, lots of traffic from the slower cars. It was a mixed bag, we even had a black street SL-C doing promotional laps.