RCR T70 Spyder For Sale *SOLD*

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Ron Earp

RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

I’ve decided to sell my RCR T70 Spyder. If you’re looking for an extremely sorted T70 replica that is capable for track (it has SCCA and NASA log books) and street (it is tagged and titled) use then this car might be the one for you.

I purchased this car from RCR in 2006 and was intending to build it into a pure street car. However, the car languished due to my SCCA racing schedule and during that period the intended use changed from street car to street & race car. So in 2008 it was sent back to RCR for a factory build into a fully caged race car that would also be capable be being licensed on the street. RCR did a fabulous job with the build and finished the car in bright yellow with a Surtees arrow.

The car came back to me in late 2008 and with the help of RCR, my racing partners, and crew, we developed the car over the next two years into a very capable track car. I’m certain that this T70 is the most developed chassis of the RCR breed and will hold its own on any road course, as well as get you to and from the car show or donut shop if you wish due to the 2011 current street registration.

The car has over 25 documented track hours on the clock, has been featured in the NASA Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge twice, and has entered two sanctioned races, and is eligible for both SCCA and NASA racing with current logbooks. It has an eight point cage that passes SCCA/NASA technical muster thus will also easily meet any car club or historical race safety regulations.

Specific Highlights:

  • Lola T70 Heritage Spyder body work. Front clip lifts off, rear is hinged. Doors hinged with removable pins for easy access.
  • RCR aluminum monocoque chassis with fully adjustable heim jointed suspension. Billet aluminum double wishbone front suspension, four link formula style rear suspension. Completely adjustable, no bushings to compound adjustment.
  • Eight point roll cage by Competition Cages here in the NC. SCCA/NASA legal, exceeds vintage and club specifications. Sleeve secured pivoting rear bars to allow clamshell to open.
  • Shocks – double adjustable QA1s that are in excellent shape and work well.
  • Six piston Wilwood front calipers, four piston Wilwood rear calipers. Fully cockpit adjustable brake bias. Calipers are currently loaded with Carbotech XP10 pads, a common pad used in SCCA/World Challenge and other extreme duty road racing applications.
  • Twelve wheels - Fifteen inch Aero wheels, three sets. Two sets of 8” and 10” wheels, one set which is on the car with used tires. One set of 8” wheels intended to be used for rains. The only tires that come with the car are the ones that the car is sitting on, some worn Hoosier R6s; 275-50-15 rear and 225-45-15 fronts, perfect track tires and I used them on the street too (don’t drive in the rain!).
  • Engine – Ford 302 bored .030” over with forged pistons at 9.5:1 compression. Seasoned stock crank and rods. Eldebrock aluminum Performer heads and Eldebrock Air Gap manifold fed by a Demon 550 mechanical secondary carb. Stock Ford 5L EFI cam. With a mild state of tune the engine puts out 252 to 260 hp to the wheels at 5300 RPM, or roughly 290hp at the crank. With a cam swap the engine could easily put down around 315 at the wheels, but we were tuned the motor for fuel efficiency due to the intended use in the 13 hour enduro. Heads just rebuilt and engine checked out – compression and oil pressure great, nice and fresh.
  • Transaxle – Porsche 930 that was rebuilt by Gbox in 2009. Clutch pak LSD, differential oil cooler pump, properly adjusted shifter. Rare 5.12 ring and pinion, perfectly suited to allow this car to run at 142 mph at around 5800 RPM. The box works great, no problems at all. It could easily withstand a couple hundred more hp.
  • Cooling – Aluminum radiator that absolutely, positively, keeps this car cool at 195F even in 105F weather on the track. No cooling issues at all. Engine oil cooler with electric fan run off the differential oil pump. Engine oil temps hover right at 225F when running hard, perfect. Electric fans on the radiator that can be manually switched on or automatically activated at approximately 220F by radiator mounted temperature switch.
  • Complete gauge package with 100% functional properly working gauges – no sorting needed. GPS speedometer, 80000 ROM tach, mechanical water temp (rear), mechanical oil pressure, mechanical engine oil temperature, mechanical transaxle oil temp, mechanical front radiator water temp, mechanical fuel pressure, voltage, low oil pressure light and hour meter.
  • Dual MSD ignition system and dual coils, switch selectable. Both units are MSD 6AL boxes with independent rev limiting. All weatherpak connected with identical plugs. Switching from one system to the other is seamless and the motor doesn’t miss a beat.
  • AMB transponder, on when the ignition is on.
  • Full street legal light package including horn, turn signals, hi/lo beams, and auxiliary lights. Aux lights are on a light bar that can be removed with two pins and disconnecting two electrical connectors. Each aux light is 100W from a 7” reflector, plenty of illumination. All gauges have working lights.
  • Springs/Setup – 1000 lb front springs, 850 lb rear springs. Adjustable 1” hollow front roll bar, no rear bar. Alignment is set to 1/16” toe in front, 1/16” toe in rear, -1.5 degrees front camber, -0.5 degrees rear camber, around 5 degrees caster front and 7 in the rear. The car handles extremely well, nice balance and as we found out with shocks soft and the front bar disconnected, it handles well in the rain (with rain tires).
  • Race/safety parts – Ultrashield aluminum race seat with proper back brace as required by regs. Two, yes two, 10 lb AFFF fire extinguisher systems with pull handles. One for the front of the car including fuel cell and driver, one for the engine compartment. Electrical kill switch that is properly wired and works well. Five point G-Force racing harness that is current, cam lock system.
  • Custom 22 gallon fuel cell bolted into the passenger compartment and walled off with bulkheads as required by the SCCA GCR. NASCAR dry break fueling system that can work fine with a fuel pump nozzle. Two 11 gallon NASCAR dump cans included, both work well, and the ally catch can is included too. The cell can be unbolted and the engine plumbed to the driver’s side tank so that a passenger seat can be fitted. The cage could be cut out as well thus returning the car 100% to street duty.

The car includes a few spares:

  • Extra dizzy plugged and ready to drop in to interface to the car harness. Spare rotors and wires.
  • Front wheel bearing
  • Two rear wheel bearings
  • Three brake rotors
  • Two complete sets of Carbotech pads with over 80% life. This car is kind on pads.
  • Emergency CV boot covers
  • Assorted screws and bolts
  • Shifter cable
  • Wheel studs
  • Assorted springs at 400, 550, 650 lbs
  • Extra, lower windscreen
This car is a solid performer and runs well. It is definitely a one of a kind automobile - I know of no other T70s, or for that matter GT40s, that have current sanctioned logbooks and a street registration. If I were to use it more for street duty I’d spend some time on carb/ignition tuning as it’ll backfire if given the boot under 2000 RPM. That didn’t bother us on the track though so I have not looked into correcting that. I’d also cut a new windscreen for it that looked better than the one that is on it.

The car isn’t perfect in every aspect. It looks good, but it isn’t a show car. It has spent time on track and has chips under the fenders and of course grit from VIR, CMP, and other places in little nooks and crannies. But if one were inclined it’d clean up well and could become a beautiful show car. The cage could be cut out of it to make it a pure street car and graphics removed. The fuel cell could be removed and a second seat installed, using the driver's side tank to fuel the car - parts are all included for this conversion. As it is, it is a track/street car and can fill that role like nothing else I’ve seen. Mechanically it is sound and I know of no issues with it.

Come drive it. I live about 15 mins by cab from RDU and you’re welcome to fly in and have a look. The car is low but it gets in and out of my driveway if you’re careful and will load on trailers without issue, again if you’re careful. But, a trailer isn’t needed to buy and own this T70 – you can drive it home if you like as its 100% street legal and I have the title in hand. The car is titled and registered in NC as a Lola 1996 Roadster. Not sure what that will translate to if you live outside of NC, please check with your DMV, but most states will title it just like it is here in NC.

And of course, I must answer the inevitable question – why are you selling? Why – mission complete, project done. We got the car, developed it into a hell of a track car, made it SCCA/NASA/streetable, and attempted to run the 13 hour VIR enduro with it. Yes, we didn’t complete the 13 hour enduro due to a water pump failure, but we know the car is capable and can do the job. If it is still sitting around in 2012 we’ll run it then, as is, but I’d rather not have the car sitting around for an entire year waiting for one race. I’ve a new SCCA ITS car that I’m working on and want to finish my Gran Torino street ride, therefore, I’d like to move this completed project on and make time for the other two.

Price for the car is $66,430. Contact me here via PM or email via the forum. Call me on 919-949-5851 anytime from 9am to 8pm EST, outside of that window I generally won’t pickup.

Here are a bunch of pictures, links to build/discussion threads, and in car video. Enjoy.



















































rlearp's Channel - YouTube

rlearp's Channel - YouTube

rlearp's Channel - YouTube

Re: RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

Any chance you could post a couple of pictures of the car up Ron :)

Looks great, good luck with the sale



Re: RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

Bummer -- I feel like I'm losing a brother:cry: Ya know, a requirement of this site should be GT40 ownership.
If only I had some spare cash to take it off your hands --- the lights would be real handy for our local rock band :laugh: (Johans suggestion):thumbsup:

Anyway, good luck with the movement.

Ron Earp

Re: RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

Thanks fellows. If it doesn't sell it isn't a biggie. It'll hit the track again next year with more power.

Forgot a pic of wheel:


Ron Earp

Re: RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

I have had a couple of questions on registration for the T70. Yes, the car is 100% street registered and you can drive it anywhere - lights, signals, hazard, and horn all work. In NC no inspection is required as it is titled as a 1966 vehicle. In fact, the plate renewal just came yesterday and I thought to photo it and post it here so that it'll be clear to any that are interested in her.


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Ron Earp

Re: RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

With only advertising here not too many folks are reached that are interested in T70s. I have it on a Cobra site too, but that doesn't reach many T70 folks either. I suppose I'll have to get serious about selling it and list it on some targeted sites. Anybody have suggestions? If I don't sell it then it'll get back on the list for racing this year and man ol man, I just don't have the time for that again this year.

Randy V

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Re: RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

Ron, you can try Racingjunk.com or eBay... Next best shot would be printed rags like grass roots or scca's SportsCar magazine.. Maybe Hemmings?

Mark Charlton

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Re: RCR T70 Spyder For Sale

Ron, I'd suggest posting on Anamera: 15081 premium cars for sale: Anamera

Most of the Lolas listed there are original cars, but for the man on a budget, yours would be a fantastic alternative!

Best of luck!

Mark (who would love to be able to have a T70 in his garage)

Ron Earp

The car is sold and will be heading to a new home in Freso CA next week. Thanks for all the interest and those waiting for a viewing I've emailed directly.

I'm sad to see the car go, but, as with all car projects you have to move them on when complete lest you end up with too many vehicles in the stable. The new owner wants me to cut the halo hoop out of the car so as my last work on the T70 I'll do that and post some pictures here. I'm sure it'll improve the overall looks of the car and still be safe for the type of track work he has planned.

Ron Earp

I feel the car was fairly priced, maybe a bit of a bargain but still decent. It is a well-sorted car that would be difficult to replicate for the money, that much is for sure, and if you had to pay for all the development work then for sure it is a steal. But, that is part of the fun. The RCR T70 is a great race car and makes a good street car too - you can have your cake and eat it too. Mission Accomplished.

The new owner wanted us to cut the down tubes and halo out of the cage. Naturally it'll lose the SCCA/NASA logbook status with that change but he's the new owner and will be using it for track days only, not wheel to wheel racing. I have to admit, it looks a lot better without those down tubes. A couple of final pictures before the car goes on the transporter.


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